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6 French-Inspired Style Ideas For Spring

Next time you are in France, leave your mini skirts, dazzling dresses and uncomfortably tight, overly sexy clothes at home. France is all about comfort and chic basics. A French woman is disciplined from youth to establish a collection of simple, classic, well cut wardrobe items that result in timeless elegance and unmistakable style. Remember: less is always more. Therefore, when the weather gets a bit better a French woman usually does not head to the nearest clothing shop to get the “ultra-fashionable” item… but rather re-purposes her old stylish pieces so she can look fresh, modern and spring-ish (almost) effortlessly. So let’s have a look at our wardrobes, let’s roll the sleeves and let’s find those 6 items that many of us already have:

French girl

1. Long Booties

In France, style starts from comfort. “If you are not comfortable walking, what else can we even talk about?”, Sophie, my friend from Paris used to say. And she’s completely right – I’ve noticed that her (and her mothers) attic were full of beautiful, simple and comfortable shoes. No overly-high heels and no dazzling-flashy pieces either, only simple, elegant and comfortable shoes. “I buy expensive shoes and only the ones that I absolutely adore. If I spend over a hundred euros for my shoes, they’d rather be flawless”, Sophie says, “and I love knee-length booties. They are perfect with skinny jeans and perfect with my re-purposed grandmothers dress. That’s all I need”.

So if you are on the hunt for the perfect spring shoes, look no further than knee-length booties. Long booties are basically a year-round footwear: they are simple, comfortable and are perfect for nearly any style. They are perfect for the rainy spring. Perfect for the sunny spring. Perfect for the moody weather when you’re not sure whether it’ll be warm or still kind of cold-ish. Following an advice from Sophie I got my first (and probably the most expensive so far) shoes from Wills. It’s been a few days since I’ve received my Will’s brown ankle boots and have completely fallen in love with them: they are simple, chic and very easy to style. French girls love knee-length booties and they’ve definitely made me fall in love with them, too.

2. Oversized Sweater

“You know, Vicky… I am really, really lazy…”, Sophie laughs, when I ask her how many sweaters she’s got. “I don’t have many, but I love oversized sweaters. And because I am lazy, I use them inside and outside. It’s a great way to save money and not buy a spring jacket”, she keeps smiling. Oh well, that French levity, gotta love it. While Sophie’s showing me her (only) white and soft oversized sweater, she explains that French girls like earthy colors: white, gray, camel, ivory and black. Focus on patterns without too many embellishments.

In France, it’s all about simplicity and comfort – so opt an oversized sweater for warmth and coziness. An oversized sweater is easy to style: it looks good with jeans, with black straight-cut office pants, with a long dress and event with a short summer dress if you paired it together with black tights. It’s just a perfect choice for the chill weather once the weather gets a bit warmer but you don’t feel like wearing a jacket as you go outside.

3. Trench Coat

I guess it’s quite obvious that French women have made the trench coat into their BFF. For years, style editors and critics have pointed out that French women have elevated the trench coat to its never-ending chic status. Trench coat has become iconic among French women. “Trench coat is quite an investment, but once you have it, you cannot live without it. And again, it all comes to laziness – once you have a trench coat you don’t need to buy all sorts of fashionable jackets and coats. All you need to have is a nice leather jacket, an oversized sweater and a trench coat and you’re good to go”.

 All you need to have is a nice leather jacket, an oversized sweater and a trench coat and you’re good to go.

4. Neutral Palette

When it comes to colour, French women prefer versatile neutral tones. Nude, ivory, champagne and camel are essential hues French woman’s wardrobe can’t do without. There are many perks of having an all-neutral wardrobe: everything matches, you look elegant and you end up having a stylish, luxury style. “I’d rather spend 50 euros buying one nice classical ivory dress than 5 trendy dresses from H&M”, Sophie says. She explains that having a color-scant closed has made her getting dressed in the morning quicker and she doesn’t spent too much time thinking what to wear.

Choose rather plain items (no patterns!) in neutral tones and the shapes of modern classic that are easy to mix and match.

5. Elegant Accessories

For the great majority of French woman style does not lie in an interesting color or a fashionable design, but rather in simple, neutral clothes and a few well-chosen accessories. It can be anything from simple studs to chic and elegant scarves and bags. Simple nude or black flats with a little bow, a gray silk scarf with dots, brown rough-shaped sunglasses or a little red cross-body bag and here you go, you’ve got that little something to your style.

As you go through your wardrobe, make sure to keep elegant accessories that go together with nearly anything. “When I look at the item and I imagine it pairing well with almost anything in my wardrobe, I know I can keep it. If I imagine it only looking good with one set, I know I should get rid of it”, Sophie says.

6. Red Lip

Source: https://www.instagram.com/yana2bayana/

Source: Yana2bayana

Is there anything more French than a red lipstick? Probably not. Red lipstick is the country’s unofficial motto. The classic “French girl look” is simple: tousled hair, bright eyes, relaxed, well-toned face and red lip. Even better to that, red lipstick is probably something we all can find in our and our mother’s toilet bag. “Add a but of rouge, red lipstick and put your smile on. Doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, you will look fabulous, I swear”, Sophie promises and I’m left with the thought that perhaps even I, an Easterner who considers myself very un-French, have a hope to look a bit more chic.

Kenzo x H&M: High-end Fashion made Affortable

Back in May H&M announced that Carol Lim and Humberto Leon from Kenzo are the latest designers to bring their work to the masses via collaborations with H&M.


Good news – while Kenzo is a high-end fashionwear brand, with the latest collaboration there might be something for everyone. So starting from November, shoppers will be able to get a piece of the action for way less, and Kenzo x H&M collection will hit stores on Thursday, November 3.

The Kenzo x H&M lookbook stars a global cast – DJ Juliana Huxtable, photographer Youngjun Koo and activit writer Amy Sall. The newest collection, which is described as “colorful comfort fashion” will celebrate where Kenzo Takada began and where the fashion world has taken the brand to.

Spoiler: it’s been worth the wait. The collection, which was designed by Kenzo’s creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim is as bold, colorful and bright as you’d expect, featuring animal prints, oversized style and, obviously, tiger logos, which has become Kenzo’s trademark.

Make a note of your favorites by browsing below.

Courtesy H&M

Courtesy H&M


Courtesy H&M

Courtesy H&M


Courtesy H&M

Courtesy H&M



Courtesy H&M

Courtesy H&M



Courtesy H&M

Courtesy H&M

Kenzo x H&M Sweatshirt

Courtesy H&M

Available from 3 November in selected H&M shops and at hm.com.

Be a D&G Girl: Confident Femininity

As today, on 28th of February Italian high-end fashion designers Domenico Dolce and his partner Stefano Gabbana present their Fall/Winter 2016 collection in Milan, it is worth having a sneak peak into what the D&G girl will look like this year.

Snapshot from D&G fashion show

The couples recent collection Fall Winter 2016 has been named to be a “Fairytale collection” – standout pieces creating ladylike silhouettes, stitched with chandelier and golden clocks, teacups and mirrors. Dresses featured fairytale-like embellishments and beads as well as light, nearly transparent and airy laces. The fairytale theme was not kept under wraps – the runway set included a number of references to Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Flowers, feminine laces and pleats, tasteful glossy embellishments and fruity colors – that’s what the “2016 D&G girl” will look after, when revising her wardrobe for the next big fairytale show.


During the Summer 2016 fashion show Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana presented a number of Ready-to-Wear feminine pieces inspired by contemporary pop culture. Contrary to fall/winter looks, summer D&G girl will choose comfortable, simple pieces that will lead her to new adventures. Fruity colours, flirty bright pleats and brave combinations are the right choices for summer for a busy, life-loving, energetic woman who chooses clothing to reflect her personality.

For the summer 2016, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana suggest to stick to romantic looks. To support the natural and fresh looks designers suggest choosing slightly winged eyeliner, fresh, nourished and glowing skin and pinkish lip tones. The hairstyles, such as ballerina style buns with flyaway strands around the face, can be accessorized with scarves, flowers and jeweled accessories. Comparing summer and fall looks, it is apparent that D&G girl in summer will choose slightly simplier looks and will put more effort in makeup and hair compared to the fall/winter looks.


The garments created by the couple usually portray wildly feminine look and reflect the natural, poetic beauty of couples native Italy, where both designers live and work. During this Fall/Winter fashion show designers seem to have reflected the elegant, slightly unrealistic feminine beauty that a number of women dream of since the childhood by portraying fairytale accents in Ready-to-Wear garments. The essence of D&G girl in fall 2016 will summon a spirit of confident, powerful, strong and feminine female – sun-kissed, feminine and confident (is it surprising yet that Sia’s stong “Unstoppable” was played during the show?).

Contrary to the summer looks, hair and makeup of the fall/winter D&G girl will be centered on simplicity. Fresh-faced feminine looks with little to no make up at all matched with simplistic hairstyles, such as romantic messy buns decorated with headbands and embellished hair accessories. The main accent of the D&G girl during the fall and winter will be fresh, nourished, dazzling and healthy skin and tasteful glossy accessories.

Watch Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear videos for more inspiration:


Shopping Guide To Cheap Outlets in Denmark

Are you sick and tired of paying a fortune for good and well-known clothes and shoes brands? Shopping in Denmark can be very expensive and it may seem impossible to be able to purchase clothing that Danish girls love wearing, such as Samsøe Samsøe, Designers Remix and by Malene Birger. One thing I’ve learnt from my Danish friend so far is that it is always possible to get a good bargain in terms of price-quality equation, where the quality of the product is outstanding and the price paid is small. Such quality branded clothing can normally be purchased in outlets, where you can get your hands on the popular and normally expensive brands. Try visiting outlets in Copenhagen and its suburbs – I guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed.

Clothes On a Rack

For the last couple of years, outlets have become a very popular trend in Denmark. And of course – why not? Who doesn’t like a good bargain. In outlet stores you can save up to 80% of the original price on some of the highest fashion and popular brands within the categories of clothes, shoes and/or accessories. Yet another advantage – visiting outlet stores you can find all clothing essentials (plus accessories, normally) at one place. Big exhibitions such as Outlet Messen sell more than 3.000 well-known brands while permanent outlets such as DanskOutlet always rely on reduced prices on their different assortments of everyday clothes, party dresses and sports wear.

Good to know

If you choose to visit a store with permanent location and opening hours you don’t need much planning though when you visit one of the big exhibitions it is a good idea to start your day early to avoid massive queues and improve your chances of snatching the best items offered. There can sometimes be a lot of people shopping, so it may be a little challenging to get an overview of the heaps of clothes and shoes. But whether you choose one or another you will for sure be guaranteed some valuable purchases.

Outlet list

You may be wondering where and when the different outlets take place. At the shopping portal katoni.dk you can find a complete list with outlets in Denmark. By typing your location, you will get an overview which the outlets are closes to your location. As you can see, whether you are looking for your newest party dress or fitness outfit you will find it at outlets. That way you don’t need to ruin your savings account or use half of the day walking from store to store the next time you want to go shopping in Denmark.

Happy (and cheap!) shopping!