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Billion Dollar Brows: Brow Boost

I will be sincere – I have never thought that a thing like that could exist. I have never thought that a suspiciously looking and relatively expensive gelly could actually help to grow those tiny hair on my brows which I have never really had. However, 2 weeks experiment paid off – I tried it together with some of my friends and – vuala – we are thinking of establishing of a “Cara Delevingne – alike brow club”. Literally.

BDB brow boost

It is a deep conditioning treatment for brows and eyelashes; which is also prostaglandin and paraben free. If you happen to be a browless person having only a couple of super tiny hair just like I used to be, BDB brow boost is actually a perfect solution: you will notice results in less than a month!

Brow boost comes with a convenient, a little bit lipgloss-alike brush applicator. You have to use it at night and leave it alone. No worries of a “wet effect” – it dries instantly.

Our experiment didn’t take long at all: Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost was used for about 3 weeks each evening before going to bed. Applied once day. That’s how it looked BEFORE the experiment:


…and that’s how it looked AFTER!

After the experiment


- Easy to apply

- Handy

- It actually WORKS!


- A little pricey

Overall opinion:

Not only me, but also some friends of mine tried BDB brow boost and the overal opinion was very positive: within less than a month we all noticed our thicker, fuller lashes and stimulated brow hair growth. Great product – to be honest, I keep recommending it to my friends who have really tiny eyebrows and all of them claim to have gotten fuller ones after they tried BDB… So what’s stopping you? ;)