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Billion Dollar Brows: Is It Really Worth a Billion?

Taking care of one’s eyebrows is yet another ritual in a woman’s life. Like many things connected to a woman’s body, almost every woman has an issue with her own eyebrows. It’s either too thin or too thick. Too dark or too light. Thankfully, the make-up industry is there to help us!

Billion Dollar Brows

The importance of eyebrows in defining a woman’s look is usually understated. What a difference an eyebrow makes becomes clear ones a woman decides to visit a beauty parlor. I remember the first time I went and the pain of having my eyebrow hair tweezed out made me cry. But was it worth! My eyes looked bigger and I felt altogether more adult. What one told me though, is that it is a no-going back moment. Eyebrows will grow back and you will have to deal with it.

Billion Dollar Brows sells a kit that has anything one need: scissors, a tweezer, a universal brow pencil, and their exclusive, patented ‘brow buddy’. The brow buddy is a rather simple yet ingenious tool that helps defining the perfect eyebrow shape, pointing out the beginning, the arch and the end, which is then traced with the pencil. Anything that falls out of that perimeter can be tweezed out. Simple, right? This is, of course, in theory. In practice, even drawing a perimeter for your eyebrows is not as easy as it seems. You need a steady hand and good lights. Also, it is not that simple to understand where the pencil draws a line in your eyebrows. The outline I shaped was not much different from what my original shape was, so I did not find much to tweeze out if not small hair that were growing back.

From my experience with the kit, I can suggest that it becomes useful only when someone has not been to a beauty parlor in a long time and has not kept their eyebrows clean in the meantime. The easiest way to keep your eyebrows neat is, in fact, to have it done once by a professional, and then regularly tweezing the hair that grows back.

This kit costs $45 (circa kr. 250) on the Billion Dollar Brows website. It is overall not worth this much money. The tweezer is the highlight of the kit, it stands up to its promise “to grab every hair, every time.” The scissors in the kit as fairly useless, since probably everyone already has a similar pair anyway. The brow buddy instrument and the universal brow pencil are useful, but as mentioned previously you need to be quite skillful in using them before achieving good results.

As part of the kit I also got to try the brow duo pencil, concealer on one side and highlighter on the other. This one I would actually recommend. I never tried such a thing before, but its subtle effect does give an impression of neater and brighter look. The set of products altogether get a 7 out of 10!

Advantages: you get all that you need to take care of the eyebrows at once. No need to worry about buying the right products.

Disadvantages: the price, and it is still not very handy for those who are not used to take care of their eyebrows.

France Bans Child Beauty Contests

Lolita’s stereotype has existed for years. Apparently, not only a Ukrainian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, who has also written The Master and Margarita, was inspired by Lolita’s stereotype as he wrote a book of the same name. The stereotype of a young seductive girl has existed for years, yet the writer has been able to put it in words as the name “Lolita” has entered pop culture to describe a sexually precocious, flirty and young girl. Nowadays, as direct sexual advertisement has become a norm, we do not perceive sexual appeal as negative, even though a number of people are against sexualising children. French senate seems to have taken it seriously, as today in the early morning they have adopted the law to forbid girls, who are younger than 16, to participate in beauty competitions.

@Good Morning America

@Good Morning America

Beauty competitions came to France in 1989 and since then it would become a major yearly competition across the country. Yet it looks like the French will not be getting their cersion of “Little Miss Sunshine” anytime soon, as France has just banned sexualised beauty competitions for children.

It is said that such amendment is a part of broader bill on women’s rights; where hyper-sexualisation of young girls is perceived to be inappropriate.

196 voted against such competitions, and 146 voted for. Chantal Jouanno, a French politician, argues that while the sexualisation of children is not rampant in France, it is increasingly becoming acceptable because of what she describes as the “normalisation” of pornographic images. Right before voting she shared her thought that she would not like young girls to grow up thinking that the success of their lives lies in their beauty.

The debate whether young girls should be allowed to participate in such competition took place due to children sexualisation: young girls would have to participate while being with a considerable amount of make up, self-tanning creams and erotic clothes.  The controversy began in the US, in winter 2010, when French Vogue published a photo staring a 10-year-old French girl, Thylane Loubry Blondeau, who was wearing a tight dress, heels and make up and, overall, looked like a smaller version of a sexy adult woman. Magazine argued that the photos are supposed to be artistic, yet a number of people saw it as a direct push of teenage girls into adulthood. And even though Vogue defended the pictures claiming that they portrayed a young girl fantasizing about dressing up like a mother, the images sparked outrage both across France as well as the rest of the world.


Lilith Moon: “I Want to Share My Experience!”

Lilith Moon, also known as a hair guru on YouTube, decided to share some of her experience with Fameiva and its readers. Inspiring yet simple her story begins with her home town Kiev in Ukraine. She did her studies in Poland and Italy and currently she lives in Paris, France. She claims she fell in love with the majestic capital of France… But well, who wouldn’t?


As one of the most notorious YouTube hair gurus it was natural to ask. How did it all start? 

“When I have first discovered the entire YouTube beauty community, there were hardly any hair tutorials, only makeup and vlogs. I noticed that those very few hair styling videos were very well received by viewers and instantly felt like I could make my own contribution and share hair styling techniques that I learned modeling for hair shows in Milan and Paris. When I was a teenager, hair styling secrets were those best kept ones, and even though I dreamed about beautiful braids and updo’s, I had no clue how to do them. I imagined how happy I’d be back then if someone would teach me their beauty tricks and felt that it was my call to share mine.”

As a part-time model for hair shows she has an unique opportunity to learn many beauty tricks from the top international stylists and share them with her viewers. She started modeling in Milan, and currently does that in Paris and, since she has been participating in a number of workshops and shows where hairstylists try various hair techniques on her, she enjoys the opportunity to learn. Learning new hair trends from the first hands is a great boost for her own creativity and brings a lot of inspiration to all her work, encouraging her to move on and strive on her own.

Quality is the word of the day when it comes to Lilith Moon and she does not do thing half way- quality content – easy to follow videos which are straight to the point. She pays a lot of attention to every detail and spend a lot of time editing each single video.

Lilith braids

“It is extremely rewarding to know that my videos are so well received. I always stay attentive to my viewers’ requests and suggestions that help me to keep on improving my videos”, shares Lilith.

Is it hard to execute certain braids on yourself as a pro? Have you ever given up on a braid because it was just too difficult? 

“Funny enough, usually it works other way around. I take a look at a hairstyle and think it’s impossible to do something that complex on your own hair, but then so many people keep on requesting a tutorial on this look, that finally I give it a go and find out that with a little bit of practice and patience it’s actually doable! I still choose to focus on not-too-challenging looks so that the majority of my viewers could recreate them as well in a reasonable amount of time.”

As words of advice to all girls/boys having the aspiration to open a YouTube channel and be successful  Lilith Moon gives some good pointers:

“It’s important to do something you’re good at (not just something you want to do…personally, I’d love to be a singer (but I doubt I’d have many followers if I had chosen that instead of hair tutorials) and share it with the world in your own way. Then, just listen to your viewers and they’ll tell you all you need to know “.

Lilith Moon is a great inspiration for many young women. Having more than 200,000 fans she is not planning to stop at this point and enjoy the fruits of her work and success: she wants more!.. Having experience and knowledge from the beauty industry, she is dreaming and planning to produce hair products and make her own brand. “It would be great to create my own brand and offer high-quality products. In my dreams I’d like to create a product that would magically thicken naturally thin hair like my own! Or a selection of beautiful toners to revive your hair color at home – there is a very poor choice of toners on the market and that’s a pity since I’m sure many girls would like to change the shade of their hair every once in a while, or just keep it as vibrant as it was right after colorization. But for the time being I have so many hair styling ideas that I’d like to share with the world that in the nearest future I plan to stick to making videos, so fans keep waiting a bit because videos  will come and come for a long time.”

 To her Fans: “I would like to thank my followers for all their support – you guys became a huge part of my life, a part that I truly love and am very passionate about! You are my greatest inspiration and your feedback is what helped my channel grow into what it is now.”

See her Latest video here and if you too like what you see subscribe and who knows, maybe this will give you ideas to pursue a dream?

A Smile, Worth Millions

Soft, sweet lips and a mouth full of little white and shiny pearls. Isn’t that something we all would like to hear about our smile? 

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.A smile is worth a million words. If you want the words to be positive and heart-warming, you have to work for it. Just like in every other sphere in your life.



It is true that a clean, beautiful smile has the effect of eliciting a smile in return from anyone who sees it. Have you ever noticed that some people have a hard time smiling and, even if they do so, they smile only with their lip corners, not showing their teeth at all? They might not have good teeth, and anything, visible on our face, makes up our confidence. Make sure you invest in it. It doesn’t require a lot.

You probably known that the food you are consuming has a direct influence on the state of your teeth. That’s quite a big difference if you choose light yogurt or a piece of chocolate for your dessert… Yet there are some foods that can help improve the state of your teeth significantly.

1. Celery

A weird-looking green vegetable, which is probably one of the rarest “visitors” in our kitchen. It’s a relatively sad fact, especially knowing that celery is one of the greatest products to strengthen your teeth. Celery is loaded with various dental health benefits and chewing celery stimulates saliva production which fights bacteria in your mouth.

2. Apples

Did your mom in your childhood used to say that if you eat an apple before going to sleep, you might not clean your teeth? Mine did. And it seems she was completely right, since the fiber in the apple cleanses teeth. Chewing apples also stimulates saliva production in your mouth which also helps to fight bacteria. Since apple contains a number of vitamins, minerals and other elements, it can provide a number of health benefits. Besides, did you know that it can reduce the risk of cancer?

2. Onions

Studies have shown that onion fresh and uncooked onion helps to to fight bacteria in your mouth, which causes bad breath and dental plaque. For that reason, try to use as much uncooked onion as possible.

3. Cheese

A hard cheese, such as Italian Parmigiano or aged Gouda, has a lot of carbohydrates which is very useful for our teeth. It helps to maintain a needed pH and restores enamel. Besides, hard cheese also contains casein, which helps in fortifying tooth’s surface. Not bad product at all…

4. Sesame seeds and nuts

Anthropologists guess that our ancestors had relatively good teeth (knowing that dentists did not exist back then…) due to the fact that they ate nuts and sesame seeds. Sesame seeds contain calcium, which protects bone around the teeth and gums

5. Green tea

Green tea is said to kill bacteria, which causes bad breath.  Green tea is also rich in antioxidants, which have many health properties. Besides, it has been proven that people, who drink green tea regularly, have healthier gums. That is the reason why dentists suggest to drink 2-5 cups of green tea every day.

If you consider your teeth to be already in a state that can hardly be improved, we can advice you to take action now: even if your teeth are already stained, the first thing that you can do is start eating healthier and, certainly, go visit your dentist. Don’t start looking for medical remedies (or teeth-whitening products) as there are easier methods to keep your teeth strong and white.

Hair Mask For Extreme Hair Growth

Maintaining your hair so that they are strong, thick and healthy is not an easy task. Especially since majority of us use a number of tools that damage our hair in a long-term. The more we use, the worse it becomes…

It is thought that hair growth treatments and products promoting fast growth are incredibly expensive which is partially true. Partially, because they are expensive, but you can always opt another option – make a home-made hair mask that will help your hair grow thicker and faster (and won’t make your purse any less thinner, we promise)!

You will need:

- 3 spoons of mustard,

- 3 spoons of avocado oil,

- 1 big spoon of cinnamon powder.

Simply mix all ingredients until even and apply on your scalp. It’s important that you apply the mask on your scalp and not your hair.  Keep it for about half an hour ant then wash it off. Don’t overuse it: since mask has a warming effect, it can easily affect scalp skin irritation.

In order to stimulate your hair growth even more, it is advised to brush your hair at least twice a day. Brushing hair stimulates blood circulation and cell renewal, which is essential for hair growth. Besides brushing your hair try to massage your scalp with your fingertips as often as possible. Try to massage your scalp a little longer while applying shampoo and conditioner. And, certainly, use the mask! This natural home-made mask has a warming effect which, again, stimulates blood circulation. Use mask once or twice a week before washing your hair.

Get Your Feet Ready For Summer

With the summer comes the season of open shoes. Therefore pedicure and feet care is now probably one of the most popular topics among women.  

You have probably taken out your favorite slingbacks or got a new pair of great flipflops – and now it’s time to make sure that your feet skin and toes are taken care of.



A rule of colouring toes and finger nails the same colour has been broken for many years in a row: if you want to express your personality, feel free to choose different colours and decorations. However, if you adore official style, it could be a good idea to colour your finger nails and toes the same stable, solid colour.

Budget manicure and pedicure

If you want to take care of your skin and toes but have a very limited budget, make sure you have a good nailpolish and it would be all you need. After taking shower scrub your feet (if you don’t have a special scrub, simply make one out of simple ingredients, such as coffee leftovers or sugar and honey) and apply a small amount of moisturizer after you are done with peeling. Let your skin absorb the moisturizer and then take care of your nails. Form them using small scissors and nail file. Don’t be afraid to file the top of your nails and toes, if you do so, nailpolish will hold longer. After you file your nails apply a small amount of oil (it would best if you did so using avocado, coconut or olive oil). Let your nails enjoy a small treatment for about 20 minutes and then wipe it off until dry. Apply nailpolish and enjoy your spring-summer pedicure!

Skin treatment

First of all, a golden rule of a great, elastic skin is drinking as much water as possible. Second – applying as much (and as often) moisturizer as possible. Don’t forget it. Pamper your skin with rich moisturizers and massage the skin of your hand and feet until the moisturizer is absorbed. When having a free hour, prepare a home-made scrub to peel the dead skin off and stimulate your blood circulation. Don’t spend too much money on products if you can prepare them yourself: you know, you can prepare a home-made scrub out of natural oil and sugar or sugar and honey. You will not only peel the dead skin off, but will also moisturize it. And, most of all, your hand and feet will smell delicious!

It could also be a good idea to purchase a simple feet deo with mint and chamomile for summer season, which would keep your feet refreshed.

Gel nails

If you can call yourself lazy due to a number of various reasons, such as lack of time or lack of energy, it could be a good idea to get gel nails. When having a gel pedicure one can enjoy it until the hair grows longer. You can literally do everything without worrying that your nailpolish will go off. And, most importantly, if the style of pedicure starts irritating you, you can just apply a regular nailpolish on top! Once you clean it off, you will still have a perfect gel manicure and pedicure underneath. A perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a long-lasting pedicure.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget that perfect, good-looking feet complete your summer image.