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10 Benefits Of Sport

The fact that sport can enrich your life and that it is good for your health is known by most of us. However, very often this knowledge is limited and that is the reason why we lack the motivation to exercise. So, what are the benefits of sport?

1. Longer Life

The opportunity to live longer and healthier increases 10 times. Research shows that the mortality of men who do not exercise regularly is two times larger.

2. Sense of Achievement

Doing sports helps to develop a sense of achievement, which leads to a positive self-image. Just imagine – after a long (and could be) unsuccessful day at work you run to the gym where you run a few kilometers, suddenly feel better and happier. I guarantee, the next day you’ll kick off feeling more confident and in turn, it’ll affect your work positively!

3. New Connections

Through sports you will meet people with similar interests and you are likely to gain many new friends. Yay!

4. Reduced Body Fat

Engaging in some kind of sports activity helps reduce body fat and controls your body weight. Dieting, on the other hand, usually ends in the loss of fluid and muscle mass. And unfortunately, most gain those hated kilograms back almost immediately when returning to typical eating habits. Conversely, if you engage in exercise that helps to decrease fat, but not muscle mass, the results are more stable.

5. Increased Confidence

Sports allows you to experience the highs and lows of both winning and losing. Also, exercising gives you greater confidence and self-awareness.

6. Better Immunity

Bye bye, illness! Jogging, running, swimming, and weightlifting have a positive effect on the immune system.

7. Better Sleep

Studies show that athletes fall asleep faster and their sleep is deeper. If you often wake up at night, sports can help to solve this problem.

8. Positivity & Better Mood

Exercising helps you to be in a better mood. It is not new information that after a regular workout people feel happier, forget their anxiety, depression, anger, and stress.

9. Energy

You will become stronger, your body will have a more durable design, and you’ll have more energy! Many of us are aware of the people who fail to achieve their goals, people who lack the energy for active life (and maybe you are one of them?). Even a little intense and regular sport will give you the strength needed to carry plenty of shopping bags or it will just make it easier to climb stairs. Also, it helps for concentration when studying.

10. Overall Body Strength

Thanks to physical activity, both bones and muscles become stronger. Weightlifting may not only stop bone loss, but it will also steer the process in the opposite direction (this is a great way to prevent osteoporosis). With aging, bones can become very weak and fragile and exercising is probably one of the best ways to maintain strong bones. Hiking, jogging, dancing and tennis are one of the best ways to keep your bones strong.

I’m off to the gym… How about you?