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Images Festival in Denmark

Are art and creativity standing at the root of development? The creators of Images Festival, a celebration of contemporary art from developing countries, believe they are.


This Friday 3 cities in Denmark Aarhus, Aalborg and Copenhagen have been hosting the inauguration of Images festival which will last till next Friday. The festival which exist since 1991 aims at creating a comprehensive and multifaceted understanding of developing countries going beyond the images of war, conflict and hunger. This year’s theme OCCUPY UTOPIA was chosen to reflect the belief that talent art and creativity can challenge what exists and engender new visions and dreams.

The organizers have invited 347 artists from 44 different countries to Denmark. In the program we can find exhibitions, series of lectures and debates, movie screenings and concerts.

 images butterflies

The opening night in Copenhagen gathered crowds wanting to listen to Emanuel Jar, a former child soldier from Sudan, rapping about his past and Amadou and Mariam a famous duo from Mali, whose unique ethnical sound earned them a and Grammy nominee in 2005

 images festival

The program of the festival can be found here.

Kate Moss Mood Board

There is no doubt that Kate Moss deserves the name of best model worldwide. I have found lots of really fabulous pictures of her wearing all kind of clothes, which inspired me to create a mood board adding some interior details such as pillows, sofas, chairs, lamps and other cozy and decorative additions. I have also added some shoes which perfectly fit the whole mood from soft and smooth to strict and hot! Make yourself comfortable and enjoy this mood board which hopefully leads you to doing something meaningful and useful with your wardrobe and/or your room! :)

White Kate Moss

Yellow Kate Moss

Black Kate Moss

Blue Kate Moss

Kate Moss Red

Kate Moss pink


Refined Beauty & Elegance In The Oneiric Art Of Ulrika Kestere

Ulrika Kestere, 7 horses, image via Ulrika Kestere, http://ulicam.blogspot.dk/

Ulrika Kestere, 7 horses, image via Ulrika Kestere, http://ulicam.blogspot.dk/

Ulrika Kestere creates her own oneiric world where, by bringing together the beauty of nature and the creativity of human minds, she crafts powerful images where the line between reality and imagination becomes fluid.

Drawing inspiration from the world of fairy tales and myths, she brings folklore into the modern world. Although the world of fairy tales carries the danger of being over sweetened and infantile, her work is very subtle and refined.

Her incredible photographs and drawings are supplemented with great narratives that give an extra twist to the images.

Ulrika’s distinctive style is visible in whatever topic she chooses; whether it is daydreaming, portraits, or dogs, it rapidly attracts a lot of followers and fans. In addition to her blog, she has a shop where we can buy her works. She is a successful artist and graphic designer.

To find out more about Ulrika go to her blog and official website:




Artist Ulrika

Daydreaming by Ulrika Kestere

Ulrika Kestere, Daydreaming, image via Ulrika Kestere , http://ulicam.blogspot.dk/

Ulrika Kesteres images

Ulrika Kestere, image via Ulrika Kestere , http://ulicam.blogspot.dk/

a cat by Ulrika Kestere

two pugs by Ulrika Kestere

Ulrika Kestere, image via Ulrika Kestere , http://ulicam.blogspot.dk/

Ulrika Kestere image by Ulrika

Ulrika Kestere, image via Ulrika Kestere , http://ulicam.blogspot.dk/


Greta Tuckute Photography

Greta’s photography drew my attention when I was randomly browsing through Danish creatives’ portfolios on Behance.net. Greta Tuckute has already received several awards for creative photography work (Environmental Photographer of the Year 2011 – Highly Commended; Picture of the Year 2011 – Modelportalen.dk, etc.) and this spring her nature and travel themed pictures are exhibited in Margrethekirken, Aalborg. Feminine figures, fade-outs and contrasting pictures seemed to be something authentic and I had an instant need to interview this young photographer from Aalborg.  

Photographer Greta Tuckute

Please tell me a little bit about yourself. Who you are? What do you do? And how come you live in Denmark? 

My name is Greta, and I am eighteen years old. Right now I am a photographer and a student. I was born in Lithuania, Kaunas, however my parents decided to move to Denmark when I was two years old. They only planned to stay for three months, however it didn’t completely turn out that way. Sixteen years in Denmark and still counting.

How long you’ve been taking up photography? 

Approximately seven years. Once I found a diary where I enthusiastically described receiving my first point-and-shoot camera at the age of eleven. My favorite subjects were seashells and flowers. I could keep shooting those things for weeks and weeks. I have to say; luckily a few things have happened since then. My interest evolved at the age of thirteen and I had my first photo shoot with a model and a make-up artist. I was terrified and couldn’t sleep the night before. Things have changed. I sleep a bit better now before the photoshoots.

Greta Tu photography




What is you favorite situation to take photos?  

I plan and research a lot. I guess that is in my nature. I can’t stop making plans and lists – sometimes it is really helpful, but it also bothers me from time to time! I love having an idea and then improvising smaller things. My ideal location would be a desolate place with dramatic weather.

Greta T photography raw


Do you find Denmark inspiring for your photography?

I think I mostly find the Danish people, culture and the approach to aesthetics inspiring for my work. It has influenced my work a lot!  Sometimes I tend to get inspired by the raw and cold Danish landscape, however I mainly shoot nature abroad.

Who would be the person you would like to take photo of if you could?

Kate Moss aged twenty. Her features and personality are extremely unique, and I would be honored to portray her! Also, I would love to shoot one of the oldest people in the world – though showing an entire life through a photograph is a tough challenge.

I’ve noticed few attributes of your photography style. There is usually a female figure taking a role and a special play of contrasting lighting, which in my eyes creates an effect of mystique. Why woman?  

Yes, I mainly shoot women. It’s not a deliberate choice; it’s simply what seems most natural to me. I have been doing so many various things throughout the past few years, but I never loose interest in portraiture. Basically it’s what makes me most happy and I’m always really eager about shooting new and interesting portraits! I absolutely love unique features as for instance a dazzling eye-color, freckles or special facial contours.

What is your guilty pleasure? 

I really don’t know. When I feel guilt or shame, it is not connected to pleasures – then I am sincerely sorry. Obviously I could say things like spending way too much time on photography blogs, eating three slices of greasy chocolate cake or lying in my bed for hours doing nothing. However if I enjoy these things, I would never call them “guilty pleasures”. Simply “pleasures”.

Would you say that photography is your “simple pleasure”? 

No, definitely not. Photography is my greatest passion and indeed one of my major pleasures as well. However I would not call it a “simple pleasure”. Photography makes me absurdly happy, but just as many other things that make you happy, it also troubles me. It might be an odd comparison, but if you are really in love with somebody, it both gives you great pleasure as well as the opposite.

Do you have an unwritten rule you always keep or a motto? 

I always try to be engaged and passionate about projects, jobs, and appointments – no matter what it is. I think it is significant not to waste other people’s time, nor my own.

Are you a fan of challenges? What was your latest challenge? 

I have done a 52 weeks project. I enjoyed it a lot, however it was tough from time to time! I had to come up with a new project every single week for a year. Now I really like doing bigger and more considerate projects. Sometimes you need time to come up with something that you are satisfied with. I always try to challenge myself and do not stay in my comfort zone.

What is a 52 weeks project? 

It is a project where you have to come up with a new project or photograph every single week for a year. Of course it can be anything – pictures of something extremely ordinary – but I tried to set a relatively high standard. I would say I improved a lot during that year.

What’s your favorite time of the day? 

Definitely morning. I love breakfast. I love reading books or newspapers in the morning. I love the feeling of a new day. Sometimes even the thought of mornings fills me with an immense happiness.



Thank you, Greta, for your honest answers. Fameiva wishes you to always have challenges and satisfying accomplishments ahead. Never lose that immense happiness, strength, freedom and independence. Good luck! 

You can see more of Greta’s photography here:






East Gate Europe 2013

Have you got any plans for the weekend? Why don’t you go to an international festival for dance and performance theatre, where talented artists from European countries present the final result of a two year art project called DNA (Development of New Art)?

East Gate

DNA is visiting Aarhus with a festival called East Gate Europe 2013, which has started Thursday April 18th in Bora Bora, a Production House for Dance and Visual Theatre in the center of Aarhus (very close to Musikhuset).

DNA was initiated in Czech Republic and  is a project of the 8 European cultural NGOs: NOVA SIT (Czech Republic), BORA BORA (Denmark), Schloss Bröllin (Germany), L1 Association (Hungary), Fish Eye Artistic Association (Lithuania), Chorea Theatre Association (Poland), A4 (Slovakia) and Glej Theatre (Slovenia).

The project supports artists who present innovative approach to the theatre and focus on motion and non-verbal visual expression. Thus the performances of DNA artist take the form in Dance, Physical theatre, Visual Art, New Media, Street Art and New Theatre Art.

During this weekend we will have the opportunity to see a stunning ballet dance: a story of a man’s inner dessert in the world of mass information and globalization represented through a combination of the diverse form of dance opera, contemporary dance, installation and video projections.

The festival consists of six performances, each of them can be found of the festival’s program at http://bora-bora.dk/forestilling/eastgate/

The tickets for the event cost:

140 kr – standard

80 kr – for students and people under 25

 Enjoy the weekend!

ARoS – A Stunning Museum In Aarhus

Do you want to see life in pink?  Blue? Or maybe almost like in a parallel universe?  Then ARoS Museum is the place you will want to visit!

The ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum is an art museum in Aarhus, Denmark.  ARoS is regarded as one of the largest art museums in northern Europe, 10 stories high, with a total of 17,000 m².  The museum opened on  8 April 2004.  Construction was started by the Danish architect Schmidt Hammer Lassen, winner of the design competition in 1997.  The name ARoS is the Old Danish name for the city Aarhus and the capitalized letters of the name hint at the Latin word for art, ars.

image outside aros

ARoS features a shop, café and restaurant.  The architectural vision of the museum was completed in 2011 with the addition of the circular skywalk,  ”Your rainbow panorama” by Ólafur Elíasson.
The museum is divided into three different permanent collections: The Danish “Golden Age” (1770–1900), Danish Modernism (1900–1960) and Contemporary Art.
It also includes “The 9 Spaces”, a gallery in progress of installation art where one or two rooms are done each year . Gallery 9 refers to Dante Alighieri’s “The Divine Comedy” and the 9 circles of hell. The rooms are painted black to contrast with the bright white exterior.  The roof terrace substitutes the divine light you enter from hell.  The whole museum is part of the travel from hell to heaven, and the movement is emphasised by the grand spiral staircase in the main museum.

ARoS has featured some prominent, changing exhibitions that have been inspired, curated or created by the likes of Ólafur Elíasson, Bjørn Nørgaard, Ingvar Cronhammar, architect Frank Gehry, Paul McCarthy, Robert Rauschenberg, Michael Kvium, H.C. Andersen, Bill Viola and Wim Wenders.  The first of these exhibitions presented a series of main works by pop artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.  As with many other modern art galleries and museums, ARoS also pays great tribute to architects and their works, having hosted several architecturally themed exhibitions.

A big boy

The museum roof is home to the installation “Your rainbow panorama”, by Ólafur Elíasson.  This circular skywalk has windows in the colours of the rainbow, showing the panorama of Aarhus in different colours, depending on location of the viewer.  The panorama is spectacular and gets an overview of the city from all perspectives.  The vibrant colours of the rainbow make visitors come again and again for that magical experience. The installation was sponsored by the Realdania foundation and inaugurated on May 28, 2011.

rainbow panorama

For more information, and for a really great artistic experience, visit ARoS Museum and their official website. http://www.aros.dk

Picture courtesy of Adina Helen Florescu