Sweet Tiramisu

Creamy, chocolatey, soft an inviting… Even the word itself – “tiramisu” translated from Italian means “pick me up”. Yet in this situation I would rather change “pick me up” with “eat me immediately”.



The delicate texture of mascarpone cheese, sweet ladyfinger cookies and a “spice” of coffee is widely known; that is dessert loved by Italians as well as the whole world. Even though most of you have probably already tried this dessert, I am sure it may be surprising how easy it is to make one at home.


3 eggs

250 grams Mascarpone cheese

70 grams sugar

12 pieces “Lady Fingers” (you can easily replace it with a simple sponge cake)

250 ml of strong coffee

2 table spoons wine or liqueur


Brew a cup of coffee, and set it aside to cool. Meanwhile, separate egg whites and yolks; beat the egg whites until it forms peaks. Next, beat the yolks with sugar, and steadily blend mascarpone cheese in with spatula. Now you can combine egg whites with mascarpone cheese mixture. Find a fitting bowl for the desert and cover the bottom with a thin layer of ready cream. When the coffee cools, add some liqueur and quickly dip Lady Fingers in it one at a time and line them on top of the cream. Cover the cookies with cream and repeat the process, so you’ll have 2 layers of cookies with the cream topping. Leave the bowl in a fringe for a couple of hours, and top it up with cocoa powder. Enjoy!

Lea Rozena

Food Journalist

Having two major passions in life, healthy products and Japan – I am happy to share my experiences with you putting the two in one: cooking Japanese style. For me, it is very important that a product has natural flavour and colour, no preservatives or excessive amount of fat. I always prefer to make my food from scratch- making my own dough, batter, filling or cake decoration. And Japan… Japan is the land of my dreams, where a fairy tale becomes reality. The combination of traditions and highly modern metropolitan life encourages you to explore it more and more. Japanese cuisine is rich with fish, vegetables and rice, making it one of the healthiest. Therefore, I will introduce to you some of the most basic Japanese recipes, along with the ones I have adjusted to European lifestyle. Happy reading and happy cooking!

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