Sweet & Sour Autumn in Aarhus

Autumn might be recognized by whole scale of different features including sunny afternoons that highlight all those warm and cheerful colors on trees, but also melancholic dark-shaded grey skies and uncomfortable rainy days.   In either case, ladies and gentlemen on the streets do not hesitate to use their imagination on the maximum and put some of art into their autumn street fashion. Walking through the city of Aarhus during a common busy sunny day provides many examples of how much variety there is in individuals´ minds that they all use to stand out of the crowd.

  • A must-have for this time of the year is undoubtedly scarves. Be careful with the choice thought, because now it might be relevant to say: the bigger the better.

Scarve for autumn

  • Put some color on! Or in other words, switching those same-old faded tights for colorful ones might be a fresh and comfortable change which at least adds up some color to your day.

Put some colour on

Blue tights

Animal lovers versus fur lovers. This conflict might occur when it comes to the never ending story of the fur. Coats, hoodies, jackets… it does not get old, fashion dictates clearly what is in and what is not.

Furry vest

Furry vest lady

Speak up! It may be an universal rule or just a reflection of human insecurity that each individual wants to stand out and be somehow different from the rest.. fantasy and imagination have no boundaries in this case and season not only changes colors on the trees, but also brings new ideas about color styles of hair – put orange to match the autumn atmosphere, choose blue if you prefer rebellion or bring it up with strong red to stay classy and grown-up, in case of a pure soul of course blonde always counts.

Fiery colors

Red haired

Hats, caps, veils, kerchiefs, new-eras, and any head covers are allowed for season and no matter if girls or boys, ladies or gentlemen because everyone can find a perfect one to match any outfit.

Red scarve

Happy lady

Two young boys

Danes like simplicity and comfort. This season, as we can see from the people around us, the situation doesn’t change radically – comfy shoes and sneakers are still preferred by the great majority. Danes definitely like footwear that they could wear every day, no matter what the weather is.

Nike people

Converse couple

Three ladies

Oversized fashion is said to have become popular around ’20ies, and styles have varied from century to century. The end of fall in Scandinavia definitely has lots to offer, and it seems that Danish girls (and boys) like modern oversized, a little bit masculine pieces.

Oversized shoppersOversized blazer


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