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When summer starts, I‘m most happy when I realize that now I can spent more time with my friends and enjoy various activities oustide. This summer I want to combine productivty and leisure and many different options can help me to reach this goal. When the sun is smiling outside, TV watching or chatting on social networks should be forgotten. Instead, in order to have a memorable vacation I‘m kicking off the summer with something I enjoy including physical activities while spending time with my beloved ones. Weekends and summer evenings are perfect for pursuing the things that make for a full life and here are a few examples which also can enrich your summer‘s activities list:

Beach volleyball is definately one of the non-guilty summer pleasures. Organise a tournament of volleyball at the beach, invite your friends and make it fun. If it is very hot you could enjoy pleasures of cold sea water and after playing make some barbeque while wathcing the sunset. Sounds perfect ! Or… if you are on the beach with the girls do not forget to take a voleyball and play some games instead of just lying and sunbathing. Physical activity can help you feel active all day long especially when high temperature makes feel you tired.

Riding bikes should also be a must in your summers plan list. You can explore new places that you haven’t visited yet or even plan a weekend trip with tents. Both thousands of calories are burned and fun time with your friends including new adventures are guaranteed.

Also, if you are ready for new challenges try adventure parks like this one in Odense. All you need there is comfortable sportswear, sports boots, enthuasiasm and a good company. Adventure parks examines your physical powers, courage and endurance as well as it trains concentration and seduces to defeat inner fear. It‘s definitely not an ordinary attraction that must be tried at least once in your life!

Feel more enthusiasm about something more extreme? Then kiteborading can be a next challenge in your life. It is a surface water sport combining wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding and gymnastics into one. And as my friend Tadas, who is kitesurfing 2 seasons now, told that „while kiteborading almost all your body muscles are working including legs, arms and stomach“ which means that it is the best training where not to mention all the excitement that you get from this sport.  Besides, he also mentioned that this extreme sport, as it could look from the first sight, is not only for boys and that he also sees girls enjoying it. So don‘t be afraid and try something totally different and who knows… maybe it will become one of your life‘s passion.

Last but not the least, try kayaking or canoeing.  Give it a try and explore beautiful danish nature as well. Also, remember that there is no experience necessary and that it will bring unforgettable adventures to your best summer.

And these are not the only summer outdoor activities that you can enjoy, I believe that you know much more and will be active the whole summer. Do not forget that you can make all this together with your friends which means a more quality time with those who are important to you. Besides, after all these activities you will definitely burn a lot of calories and it will be done with a pleasure which is the most important thing. So, don’t sleep, make the most of active leisure time this summer and enjoy!

Egle Mockeviciute

Zumba Instructor

Dance is my passion. It moves me and gives me energy, but I never say no to other kinds of sports. I love trying new things which enrich me with challenges and astonishing experiences. I believe that the true beauty is hiding inside of every person and only then come high heels and glitter. Therefore, healthy-lifestyle and active leisure are inevitable parts when creating the overall beauty. Also, I have a Bachelor degree in Marketing and Management Communication, at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences. That’s why I am excited about combining the two things that interest me the most – communication with readers about my life’s passion.

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