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The Voice Of Educated & Jobless: “Give Me The Job!”

Moved to Denmark expecting to get a good, well-paid job after your studies? Things might not go as swimmingly as you expect. “A number of highly educated foreigners either left, or will leave the country”, says Martin Junge.

Tip Of The Week: Education VS Experience

“If you do not have a lot of experience, employers usually are more interested in your education and achievements”, says project manager Anette, who is working at Career Centre in Aarhus University. In this certain case one should know the trick that writing your education first and experience after can change the focus point of [...]

Tip Of The Week: Write About Your Student Job

Boost career

Are you moving forward in your career? Have you just finished (or are finishing) your education and are not sure whether you should include a student job on your CV or not? “In Denmark it’s never embarrassing to include your student job in a CV,” says Anette.

Danish Language – The Biggest Advantage


At least basics of a conversational Danish is already valued – and will definitely increase your chances of getting a job. Yet where to learn the language – and how to do it?