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CEO Of Insights Nordic Shares Her Formula Of Happiness: “Follow Your Passion”

Theresa Blegvad

How to be lucky and successful? CEO of Insights shares her formula.

Emile Sodyte: Turning Passion Into A Small Business

Emile thumb

Lithuanian Emile (24), who was looking for an activity in order to earn some extra money, has found her passion in art and now is earning from… her unique hand-made bags.

Latvian Ieva Zelca: When Lust for Challenges Leads To Getting a Job

Photo courtesy of Ramona August

After she has finished her high school in Riga, capital of Latvia, she moved to United Kingdom. Afterwards – to France, back to Great Britain, to Denmark, then United States of America and back to Denmark… Are you happy now?”, I ask. “Very happy”, she replies smiling mischievously only with her lip corners, probably thinking about the new adventures that are still awaiting in the very near future.

Irish Rachael Sterrett: “Even Though I am Not a Natural Entrepreneur, I Decided To Try”


“I am not a natural entrepreneur”, says Rachael. “But I decided to give myself a job”. “You just have to be strong and do your best as well keep networking and getting to know new people.”

Lauren Bowey: Sustainable Products From Australia To Denmark

Lauren (on the left) and her business partner Rebecca

At the age of twenty Lauren Bowey from Australia got a working holiday visa and moved to London, where she worked in animal rights organization PETA. After she has met one Danish guy, while he was visiting London, she decided to try something new and decided to move to Denmark, where she’s now been living for nearly 5 years.

Finding your path in Denmark: Michelle Venice Lee

Michelle Venice Lee

At the age of 27, she’s got everything she needs: a fantastic fiancé, a job that she loves, a hobby-business and a number of hobbies that she takes part when she has some free time (rarely, though). Let me introduce you to a Filipino girl Michelle Venice Lee who, without a doubt, is a very special young woman.