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Visual Artist Arun: “There’s a Lot Of Restlessness In Me”

Arun and Henriette

Young, daring and goal-reaching. The one who does not follow rules. “I’m a visual artist. My outlook, no matter what I do is artistic…” – humbly says Arun Benjamin Christensen, making me believe that artists must have a different – a soft, tender and slightly bit crazier approach to our “normal” daily life.

Finding your path in Denmark: Michelle Venice Lee

Michelle Venice Lee

At the age of 27, she’s got everything she needs: a fantastic fiancé, a job that she loves, a hobby-business and a number of hobbies that she takes part when she has some free time (rarely, though). Let me introduce you to a Filipino girl Michelle Venice Lee who, without a doubt, is a very special young woman.

Danish Language – The Biggest Advantage


At least basics of a conversational Danish is already valued – and will definitely increase your chances of getting a job. Yet where to learn the language – and how to do it?

Short Online Courses – Good Option to Broaden Your Knowledge

Online learning has made studying easier and easily attainable due to it’s comfortable learning time and a great variety of courses offered.