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Sheconomy, Or Women Power In Economy

Have women in 21 century become more ambitious and strong compared to their ancestors? Probably. It could be the reason why sheconomy term appeared: young women want promising careers with reasonable pay. And they want to be treated equally.

Successful Women Think Differently: 9 Habits to Make You Happier, Healthier & More Resilient By Valorie Burton

successful woman book review

Looking for a Tuesday inspiration? Here you go – a book on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship for women, particularly. “You can’t make a change until you stop hiding your challenge and begin sharing it.”, author says.

Artistic Courses In Aarhus – Express Your Inner Artist

Have you discovered the painter in yourself yet? If you, being a child, would paint every single white part of a paper (or a house…) or would always request others to let you sing a song, you are welcome to get some professional knowledge within artistic area in painting, singing, and, generally, anything creative in FO courses. Express your inner artist!

Emile Sodyte: Turning Passion Into A Small Business

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Lithuanian Emile (24), who was looking for an activity in order to earn some extra money, has found her passion in art and now is earning from… her unique hand-made bags.

Latvian Ieva Zelca: When Lust for Challenges Leads To Getting a Job

Photo courtesy of Ramona August

After she has finished her high school in Riga, capital of Latvia, she moved to United Kingdom. Afterwards – to France, back to Great Britain, to Denmark, then United States of America and back to Denmark… Are you happy now?”, I ask. “Very happy”, she replies smiling mischievously only with her lip corners, probably thinking about the new adventures that are still awaiting in the very near future.

Couple Of Must Do’s In Your Professional Life

A fierce competition in 21st century keeps us focused on to our education and job experience, yet, according to numerous surveys, it is not enough to have a brilliant resumé in order to catch employers attention: you have to make yourself visible and your skills needed.