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In the Mood by Lala Berlin


Lala, a worldwide successful fasihon label, represents a young, dynamic and urban brand that focuses on high-end materials. This season Leyla Piedayesh, founder of Lala Berlin, emphasizes “rock” attitude.

Sweet & Sour Autumn in Aarhus

Furry vest

Autumn fashion and street observations in Aarhus: scarfs, furry vests and sneakers.

Second-hand Shopping Guide in Aarhus

Danes care about recycling and ecology, and so do we. That’s why we made a clever second-hand shopping guide for ladies in Aarhus!..

Are Danish Men Metrosexual?

He is cute, lovely and really handsome. And he spends LONGER time in front of mirror than I do…

The Season Of “50 shades of Grey” Has Begun

Fifty Shades of Grey are coming to the closet. Not the MR. Christian Grey this time, but the color itself.

France Bans Child Beauty Contests

@Good Morning America

What is your opinion about under aged beauty pageants? Should children be sexualised?