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Colors of January In Your Outfit

Metallic sweaters

Since the end of January is not yet spoiling us with the lovely springish weather, why don’t we match the nature and take all it’s best? The Earth gives us glittering white snow and soft, tender snowflakes. In a fashion industry, the white glitter sometimes is change with a little bit darker shade, i.e. metallic color.

Oversized Bags Are Back Into The Runway

The giant Chanel bag at Paris Fashion Week SS13 © Rex

This season oversized bags found their way back into the runway, and from there – straight to the showcases of boutiques and in our minds. Big? Yes. Comfortable? Without a doubt. Choose an oversized bag if you want to look stylish yet be comfortable with the things you need to carry in it.

Rihanna’s Debut in Fashion World – Success?


“I have wanted to design my own fashion label for a very long time” – says Rihanna, who is currently working on her River Island collection. According to the famous recording artist and actress, she wanted to create fashionable garnets ever since she started loving it. Her collection, called “River Island”, is thought to be [...]

Paris Fashion Week 2013

Black is a queen of colors. Solid, slimming, classic. Not a surprise why all fashionistas adore black – and why they advice others to dress in black. And this time, not only designers introduced magical black pieces, but the audience of Paris Fashion Week’s dressed in black, too. In Paris Fashion Week 2013 black elegant [...]

Sales For The Perfect End Of January


Now that the holidays have past, the New Year brings us yet another gift: Sales. Regardless of our differences all girls love to pamper themselves with a shopping session around town. Therefore I’ll make it easy to find all the hot spots for various type of products both around Denmark and particularly in Aarhus. The [...]

“Judgements” – All About Woman’s Skirt


Two weeks ago Rosea Lake, living in Vancouver, has published a picture called “Judgements”, symbolizing our perceptions and judgements based on a length of a woman’s skirt.