Category: New talents

Lilith Moon: “I Want to Share My Experience!”


A short and sweet interview with Lilith Moon: a YouTube hair guru from Ukraine.

Christina Donskov: “A Model Is a Model Whether She Wears a Size 0 Or a Size 14″

Miss Donskov

“A size 0 model does not represent the average woman in any way”, says a curvy model Christina Donskov.

Swedish Designer Emelie Svensson About Danes: “I Think They Talk A Lot About… Asses When Trying On Clothes. I Like It”

Designer Emelie Svensson

A short and sweet afternoon chat with Swedish designer Emelie Svensson on her career path. What does it take to be a designer?

A Photographer, Who Manages To Boost Self-Confidence Within A Couple Of Hours

Photographer Bente-Maj Wøldike

A photographer and make-up artist Bente-Maj Wøldike knows how to make women believe in themselves. With the help of make-up and camera.

Ieva Poriete: From Playing With Wires In Dad’s Garage To Discovering Moms Sewing Machine

muuse Ieva Poriete

…who is Ieva Poriete?”, I ask her. “A young and ambitious person that is trying to break ground in the fashion business, and who has a naughty boy sitting on one shoulder and a girly girl on the other.”, she explains with a smile.

Backstage: the Life of a Fashion Model

two model girls

The fashion industry and its thespians have become idolized in European culture. From an early age many young women dream of becoming models because of its glamourous reputation. Models inhabit an almost other worldly part of our imagination with photo shoots and runway shows in designer garbs. However, few actually have the opportunity to experience [...]