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NYC Fashion Week: Bold, Bright and Brilliant

(Nearly live) from NYC: lecture on what is on the top

Barbara i Gongini: Stunning Theatrical Show of Nordic Avant-garde Designer

Barbara I Gongini Man

Impressions from Barbara I Gongini show from Copenhagen Fashion Week August 2013: welcome to simplistic world with a sense of melancholy.

Aarhus Fashion Week February 2013

Aarhus Fashion Week

Aarhus Fashion Week this year seems to be interesting though relatively quiet since major as well as starting Danish designers are offering their unique garnets for larger audiences and single customers do not have a chance to visit trade fairs.

Bringing Danish Fashion to Europe: Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week without a doubt must be the largest fashion-related festival in Denmark, where Danes as well as internationals can show off their most fascinating and interesting garments – as well as get inspiration on hairstyles, clothing and accessories. And this year, the event schedule looks even more promising than ever before.

Paris Fashion Week 2013

Black is a queen of colors. Solid, slimming, classic. Not a surprise why all fashionistas adore black – and why they advice others to dress in black. And this time, not only designers introduced magical black pieces, but the audience of Paris Fashion Week’s dressed in black, too. In Paris Fashion Week 2013 black elegant [...]