Stuffed Pepper

During spring and summer I feel the need to consume fresh vegetables. I would usually buy vegetables in bazaar’s in bundling and bake, steam or simply cut them and eat fresh. When I end up having too many peppers and I realize I have to consume them quickly, I usually prepare stuffed pepper for lunch. If so, you will end up having a cheap, healthy and tasty dish!


- Peppers

- Rice

- Small beans

- Onion

- Corn

- Bullion cube

- Butter

- Parsley or spring onions


Prepare beans a night before you are going to cook the dish: pour some water in a bowl full of beans and let it rest for at least 8-10 hours. The next day boil beans for about 15 minutes and let them rest.

Cook rice in a slightly salted water. Cut onion in small pieces and sauté in a frying pan. Prepare bullion: take 1 cube of bullion (any) and pour about 300-400 ml of boiling water on top. Mix well. When rice is done, add it onto onion in a frying pan. Add beans and corn. Pour prepared bullion on top and stir constantly until rice absorbs bullion.

Cut out the top of peppers, heat the oven (around 200ºC) and stuff peppers with rice filling. Bake inside the oven from half an hour to an hour, until pepper becomes soft. Garnish with fresh parsley or spring onions. Enjoy!

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