Why Do Strong Women Usually Stay Alone?

I know some strong women. Goal-oriented, interesting, hard-working women, who are also smart and good-looking yet alone. How does that happen? I would like to believe that men are attracted to goal-reaching women yet a friend of mine says “men are afraid of me since men think I am too strong”. Where’s the golden mean? 



The excuse for not finding a partner could be prolonged: women do not want to have a man who is weaker than them, who is earning less than a woman and so forth. Such women generally are leaders in their relationships, meaning, that they are leading and “managing” men. What do men think about such women?

The other day I had a chance to discuss the topic with three friends of mine – Lithuanian Lukas, Bulgarian Kiril and Danish Christian who shared their opinions on a topic about strong women.

What’s your perception on strong woman?

“I would be happy if I’m seeing someone who is passionate about what she is doing, and going all in to make it happen. But the downside for me would be that I would be conserned if she goes down with stress because she can’t distinguish between family and work. I guess she would also be very busy…” says Christian. Apparently, we are hitting the ground: for men, timing is the issue… “I am not sure if I can speak about all men, but I guess I can give you my opinion – a strong woman doesn’t necessary need to be cocky or goal-oriented or manly, actually these words don’t have much to do with being strong, I think…the word “strong” defines a person, without any specifics about gender…” thinks Kiril.

What if a woman would earn more?

Due to rapidly changing situation when men are not the only breadwinners in the family, it seems that perception is changing as well.  ”If I would be afraid of the fact that woman would earn more, most probably I would not start a relationship as such. If we speak about established relationship already, and if she is happy with me, than I do not see what to be afraid of.” says Lukas. “Yet I would normaly expect a man to be more competitive, but I’m sure that is because im in a “old fashion mindset” where the man is normaly having the best payed job and taking care of the family.” says Christian. “The thing I wouldn’t like about a girlfriend who is very competitive is that I believe it would be harder to accept defeat. I think the compromise would be harder to achieve  just because she wants  come out as the winner” says he.

Even though majority of strong women are worried about the fact that they cannot find partner and think that men could be unwilling to start serious relationship with them, it seems that men are not afraid of strong women at all. It becomes obvious that strong women could use some self-confidence either should lower the standards (which could be relatively hard, especially if you are successful and extremely busy, so you do not have time either to find a partner or keep your relationship). Yet probably the feeling of challenge makes men motivated in such relationships?.. Let us leave an open question for you to come up with your own conclusions.

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