Sporty Classics, When Casual Outfit Gets Sporty Details

Sporty outfit might not actually be meant to go to gym. Sporty outfit nowadays can mean casual outfit with sporty details. Otherwise simply called casual fashion influenced by sporty forms or “sport couture”. One of the best examples of sport couture can probably be seen in WEEKDAY Collection, where, according to company, “sport couture meets sharp patterns and classic minimalism in sweet harmony.”

weekend collection

Sport couture collection by WEEKDAY

Even though sportswear was initially created as a certain type of clothing meant to be worn during sporty activities, sportswear as a fashion trend has been evolving for the past few years. Thanks to Olympic games, Wimbledon and football/basketball fewer for making sportswear look trendy. This spring, 2013, it still continues on the direction of minimal onto catwalks and streets.

It seems that not too long ago sportswear was all about wearing loose sweatpants and a shirt while on the way to gym. Yet, since 2012 brought some femininity back onto catwalks, it has touched sportswear as well: sportswear has gotten some lines and sharp silhouettes, which, matched with simplicity, has made sportswear even more popular than ever before.

Ensuring chic yet sporty attitude and forms, luxurious sportswear have become popular in street fashion, where one can observe both men and women trying to blend a piece of sportswear into their daily outfits. No wonder why: sporty fashion is comfortable to wear and easy to maintain.

One could question whether a new “sportsfashion and sports fewer” has become popular due to an emphasized importance to exercise and be healthy. Without a doubt, a concern on sustainable and green living as well as healthy lifestyle is increasing with every day. In Denmark people have always been sports-oriented and preferring comfort. It could easily be observed in bigger cities, where every second person rides a bike, wears sneakers and a lousy shirt. And has some freshly peeled carrots as a snack. No wonder why sportswear is becoming more and more popular in Denmark…

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