Stockings – The Most Tempting Piece Of Clothing

For couple of years fashion designers have been creating the most interesting and tempting socks and stockings to complete the outfit of an active, energetic and at the same time – luring woman. Without a doubt, socks and stockings are the most tempting pieces of clothing from a woman’s closet. Besides, it is a relatively cheap and intriguing option to change the style of your outfit: adding interesting socks to a simple black dress the whole outfit would instantly look more interesting.

Short socks

Smooth, soft, cashmere socks with decorated edges have been one of the most adored amongst designers as well as consumers. Since it serves its purpose (warmth), as well as enriches your outfit (decoration), it is a smart choice to complement your outfit. Short socks can be worn as a design and fashion element to enrich your outfit, especially when worn with simple shoes.

Short socks

Mid-length socks

Mid-length socks are a nice and flirty option for those who want to find a balance of warmth and allure. Generally, mid-length socks would end around your knees creating a flirty, not too “open” effect. Such socks look great matched in the outfit with high heels and short skirt, creating a “flirty yet innocent schoolgirl” effect.

Mid length socks


For decades, elastic stockings have been heating the blood of men. Probably the fact that tight decorations end exactly there by opening the way to the innermost places; Therefore, knowing the weaknesses of men, designers offer even more flirty stockings in a variety of lengths, colors and textures.

H&M black stockings

H&M black stockings


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