Interior Of a Small Apartment

I believe the great  majority of young people can’t afford a spacious two-story apartment. But there’s always a solution on how to change looks of a small apartment so that it would look bigger. As I am new in Fameiva, for the first article I’ve decided to introduce you to this stunning only 29sq.m apartment in Poland. I guess a young family/couple lives here (probably the one without children or simply young person) because of such a youthful interior style and zones.

Small room interior

You must always know that if you get a one-story flat it doesn’t mean it has to look small and tiny. You can always make an entresol (if the ceilings are high enough) and make a bedroom or another room which could fit here. Mostly it could be bedroom as it doesn’t require high ceilings unless you want to jump on your bed :) Talking about this apartment particularly the ceilings are 3.70cm so it’s enough to organize the space in two semi-story’s.

White room

I will reveal you a secret: you can see a fake door to nowhere which makes your eye feel as if you are in a much bigger room and it’s also a great wall decor!

The usage of stairs

Don’t forget to use all the spaces you would not normally use especially the space under the stairs. There you can perfectly fit an open bookshelf which gives some playful mood to the whole interior. The corridor’s wall is covered with soft and transparent curtains where various unattractive for human’s eye things are stocked. It’s a pity that there is no WC photos but I believe the view is not worse than the other rooms.


White interior

Well, speaking about the colors we can see that white is always the greatest way to create a feeling of space and modernity but it needs some other soft colors with intense accents, such as mustard chair, black wall in the kitchen or pattern floor in corridor.

I can personally tell you that for me this flat is in such a harmony that you can’t neither add nor take away anything! Hope you’ve found some useful advises or were inspired by this masterpiece – it would be enough :)

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