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Sibu Beauty is offering premium skin care products made of handpicked Himalayan sea buckthorn berries. Sibu Beauty’s products are cruelty free and 100% vegan approved by PETA. Moreover, it is GMO-free and fair trade promoting equal and sustainable relationship with villagers who harvest berries under healthy and safe work conditions, fair wages and processes that are environmentally sustainable.


Sea buckthorn is known as beauty and health berry in Europe and Asia. It consists of antioxidants, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C, minerals, and fatty acids. It is the world’s richest source of Omega 7 fatty acid. Omega 7 boosts the collagen production and helps to maintain skin’s elasticity and health, helps to combat wrinkles, dryness, manage weight, improve digestion and cardiovascular health. Sea buckthorn is known to regulate the metabolism and supports and improves immune system. I recall how my grandmother used to make me sea buckthorn marmalade when I was feeling ill when child. When I was offered to review Sibu Beauty skin care products I was instantly intrigued.

Sibu beauty

I had a chance to try purifying mask and hydrating serum (whereas my colleague tried vitamins and facial cleanser). Both of the products I tried have gentle, pleasant smell although there is no additional perfume. The purifying mask (~165Dkk for 60ml) has grainy little bit heavy texture, however it feels refreshing applied on the skin. It has to be applied a thin layer to face and neck and left for 5-7 minutes until it dries partially then gently rinsed away with lukewarm water. I am mega satisfied with the outcome. For the best result it has to be used once in a week and the effect feels right away. Skin refreshes and gains smoothness and radiance.

The second product from Sibu Beauty is non-oily hydrating serum (~220 Dkk for 30ml). It is applied on clean face and neck with gentle massaging motion morning and evening. The serum itself is extremely light, though leaves a slightly sticky feeling. It was not an absolute pleasure for the first but after few days the feeling proves to do good since my skin gained more elasticity and softness. As I know my skin which is stubborn as a kid in a candy shop, it was however extremely satisfied with Sibu Beauty products.

As mentioned, my colleague tried facial cleanser and vitamins. Sea buckthorn balancing facial cleanser, according to her, felt more like a tender scrub which would eliminate blackheads and would leave skin refreshened. It’s non-foaming and, just like two previous products, smells pleasantly even though it’s perfume-free but contains orange and lemon essential oils. The the price – ~98Dkk for 118ml, according to her, seemed reasonable, especially, as she said, “since it’s natural, pleasant and deep cleansing products in Denmark cost much more, so it is a good value for money”. However, Sea Buchthorn Cellular Support softgels did not “show” any impact within a month that she would use them.


+ Reasonable price;

+ Natural ingredients;

+ Pleasant smell;

+ Easy-to-use packages.


- Sibu Beauty does not ship to Denmark directly, it could be found just in retailers shops.

To sum up, these skin care products left me with a wide smile on my face and hopefully with boosted collagen production and protection from cold weather attacks. I also would love to try sea buckthorn seed oil and exfoliating scrub to pamper my skin, however I have to admit that the product is premium as well is the price. Unfortunately I already spent all my money on Christmas presents.


For more information and products here.



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