Savory Egg Muffins

Looking for something healthy, tasty and that would preferably look good on your party table? Or want to to get your kids eat healthy? Want something easy to make? Egg muffins will cover it all. Even the biggest skeptics change their mind when they taste them. So here you go, some beauties for the eye and belly.

savory egg muffins


- 6 eggs
- Bell pepper
- A bunch of fresh spinach
- Green onion
- Pinch of salt and pepper
- Cup of water or low fat milk
- Silicon or any other “hard” muffin forms.


Chop bell pepper, green onions and spinach (leave some spinach for decoration). Pre-cook them in a pan on butter, Whisk eggs with water/milk, salt and pepper. Grease forms with oil/butter or baking spray. Mix veggies with the egg and pour it in muffin forms filling ¾. Put them in oven for 20 min 180’c or until ready!
Stay healthy and enjoy the life!

Linda Boordo

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I think, live and breathe food. My ultimate goals are to help others to enjoy life while staying healthy and to break stereotypes that come with it. Tips, tricks and recipes for tasty meals. Fresh dishes, when out of time, when need to surprise mother in law or just satisfy cravings. It's all covered. Enjoy food and stay healthy!

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