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Paraben free products from Danish cosmetics brand Sasé are one of the first choices you should consider next time when thinking about buying a gift for friends, family and to delight yourself too, because let’s face it: you deserve to spoil yourself a little.

SASELINE Beauty Products, Thailand 17-1-13

Firstly, what are paraben free products?

Paraben free beauty products are products which don’t contain artificial preservatives. Some paraben types have been proven to be questionable in quality and believed even to enhance the chances for breast cancer. Therefore using them can be quite risky.

Sasé is concerned about the well- being of their clients, therefore their products are developed with great care in such a way that their natural based products not only offer you a healthy and luxurious treatment but also have the role as natural preservatives.

Do you want your skin to have a natural and healthy look?

Firstly, remove your makeup using the gentle makeup remover with rice oil and vitamin E. A gentle make-up remover is made out of grape seed oil, macadamia oil, soya bean oil and rice bran oil ; each of the mentioned products are rich in terms of vitamin E, B and fatty acids, which leaves your face clean and smooth. Richness of natural oils, product gives a pleasant fresh and exotic smell, which will make you feel relaxed. For the best cleansing result, combine your cleansing skincare routine with the balancing facial toner with pomegranate extract from the Sasé line, which will deeply cleanse your face to perfection. Do you remember your happy childhood days, where you would enjoy a fresh pomegranate and would laugh with your friends and there are so many little dark red pieces in the fruit? The facial toner from Sasé smells exactly like that. Fresh, inviting and juicy. It helps to close your pores after cleansing and does so gently, without leaving your skin too dry, you can be sure your skin is ready for the further.


Pomegranate toner

Skin like silk and lips like roses

No, it is not a dream; it can become true now if you use daily up til 3-4 times a week the Sasé body oil with tangerine, ylang ylang, jasmine and bergamot. Did you know that a jasmine is widely used in perfumery world? After using body oil you can be sure that your skin will not only be spoiled with the body oil, but will also spread a delicate aroma. All these yummy ingredients will instantly give you the impression that one of the most luxurious SPA’s are giving you to try their deluxe Thai massages.

SASELINE Beauty Products, Thailand 17-1-13

But the royal treatment doesn’t end here. Since you deserve nothing but the best, details need to be attended therefore finish the SPA experience with a very special lip balm with almond oil and macadamia seed oil. After a daily treatment with these products before bed time will guarantee a deep and peaceful sleep. What better way to put an end to all the worries and stress you accumulated during the day?

Because life is made of little special moments, I personally am a big fan of facial masks. I just love those few minutes of peace and quiet which recharge me with the necessary energy to carry on with my very busy daily routine. Happiness comes from the simplest things; in my case happiness comes in a little jar. The Sasé nourishing and firming facial mask with green tea and honey is simply addicting. It is one of the best masks that can fit to any skin type, which incorporates both effectiveness and freshness when talking about it. I would recommend it to all of my closest friends as a little secret of how to save money on spa’s and have a girl day either alone or with friends. Either way it is definitely a MUST TRY!

Facial mask

The amazing Sasé products are just something a modern woman can’t live without. It can be used by any type of skin without a problem and it has been proved useful to women ranging from 20 till 50 years old. A mash between the modern look, traditional scents and trendy packaging it is a little piece of jewelry which can be carried with you no matter where you go. Their smart packaging can prove itself very useful when traveling even by plane in your hand luggage as they have the exact perfect amount of product. Don’t be scared of new and you will be given back immediate results from only a few times of usage.

Advantages: fresh and exotic smells which give boost of energy; soft and deep cleansing capabilities as well as the sense of luxury. Comfortable, clean and Scandinavian-looking packaging definitely attracts an eye, therefore it makes a great present.

Disadvantages: we could say its price as it is above average. Yet I could argue that for a luxury line as Sasé you pay for the quality, which you will be satisfied about.

Don’t waste any time and go buy one of these extraordinary products at a retailer near you. For lucky girls living in Aarhus you can purchase Sasé products at Magasin, otherwise you can purchase products online.

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