Menu From Waste Ingredients: Yummy (Trash) Food

A revolutionary restaurant in Copenhagen has opened its doors only this summer, but has already become extremely popular. An unusual restaurant, called “Rub and Stub”, gets donated waste from farmers and supermarkets around the capital, and offers stunning dishes from ingredients which would otherwise have gone into the trash bin.

Rub and Stub

Food waste has become a wordwide issue, as numbers of political organisations and entities have started paying attention on various issues resulting in food waste. Data on food waste is shoking: more than 1,3 billion tons of food (i.e. about 1/3 of annual global food production) are lost or wasted annually. The food waste occurs in production, retail or food processing, as food damage might occur while packaging products, holding them in an inappropriate environment (too cold, too hot etc.) or over-using them.

The idea behind Rub & Stub

The idea of a restaurant, offering meals made entirely from the waste food, came to the passionare chef, who was concerned about tones of food, going to waste every day. The restaurant Rub & Stub works with a number of suppliers, donating products, that are very close to due date yet are still appropriate for usage. If not Rub & Stub, such products would otherwise go to waste.


Lasagna, made of waste ingredients

Lasagna, made of waste ingredients

According to Tore Heerup from Rub & Stub, the whole world is trying to save money and work efficiently – therefore one has to think about food as well.

The menu at Rub & Stub is being planned in a daily basis, according to the donated waste food, which restaurant gets donated by various food supply chains and local farmers around Copenhagen.

Supporting efficiency and volunteering

An unusual restaurant, located in the heart of Copenhagen, has only 2 employees and over 100 volunteers, helping on day-to-day basis with food preparation and waitressing. The volunteers at Rub & Stub are divided into teams: kitchen team (responsible for daily kitchen operations), serving team (also called “the man on the floor”, partner team (assuring partnership with suppliers and partners) and PR team (ensuring restaurant’s branding and good communication).

100% transparency

The restaurant is said to be managed by exactly the same rules as other cathering places in Denmark. When it comes to food production, restaurant is 100% transparent, ensuring hygiene certificates and frequent internal control.

Tapas, made from donated ingredients close to due date

Tapas, made from donated ingredients close to due date


The restaurant usually caters approximately 60 guests each evening. Want to be one of them and try food @ Rub & Stub? Visit their page and get directions to the quirky restaurant!


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