Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

“…and my heart beats only for you, she whispered to herself thinking about him, and smelling a bunch of roses in a local flower store. She couldn’t decide between white and yellow. She knew that white is perceived to be fragile and feminine, whereas yellow – inspiring and positive. She couldn’t decide what should she get for her beloved grandmother. There was no reason why she should get a bouquet, she only felt so. And still: white or yellow?

While wandering through a bunch of white lillies she remembered the first bouquet she got from him. It was a humble posy of┬ánarcissus, her favorite flowers. As humble as he was, when giving it. The colour was yellow and bright, positive and meaningful. He kissed her on the forehead telling something that she kept in the furthest drawer of her heart. She locked it safely and takes it away each time she’s alone – those words warm her up when she’s alone.

Her thoughts also took her to a warm sunny day when she bought a yellow dress and he couldn’t stop looking at her. “You are my sunshine”, he would keep telling with a smile, when kissing her bubbly cheeks.

Now, as she was not with him – she was staying at her grandmother’s – she found herself thinking about him almost every single minute. Even more than that. She would even dream him touching her skin with his fingertips and she would wake up all wild and goose-bumpy. She missed him badly. She missed his words, his hands, his body… She found herself suffering for a while as she couldn’t touch him. And knowing that she would see him soon wouldn’t help at all. “Roses are red, violets are blue… Oh, let the roses be red, but mine are going to be yellow”, she finally decided and went to the cashier.

Viktorija Gorcakovaite

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