Risotto With Asparagus & Mushrooms

Risotto asparagi e funghi – Italian sounds so good! It might even make the food taste better…  Risotto with asparagus and mushrooms is an easy dish to serve tor a dinner with glass of wine and it can also be a healthy dish with a little bit of creativity.


Depending on how “clean” your diet is, you will choose from risotto rice and brown rice. Brown is said to be healthier. I love the creamy taste of risotto rice; it’s kind of melting on your tongue, but if I’m eating clean I go for brown rice. Mushrooms… I have tried all kind of combinations, wild, dried, champignons, Portobello and they all taste good, so you can’t go wrong here. In case you decide to use dried, soak them in white wine or water for 30min.


- 2 cups of rice
- Glass of white wine
- Chicken stock (If you ever boil chicken, keep the liquid and freeze. This stock tastes much better than from cubes)
- Olive oil
- 200g mushrooms
- ½ bunch of asparagus
- 1 onion
- Parmesan cheese
- Salt and pepper
- Parsley


Heat the pan with olive oil, add rice and stir. Add wine and stir time to time. After a few minutes start adding the stock in parts.  It is important that you constantly stir the rice, because that way rice will absorb liquids and will get this crystal creamy consistency. Meanwhile heat another pan with olive oil, chop onion and asparagus. Add onion to the pan, when soft add asparagus and couple minutes later roughly chopped mushrooms. Season and give few minutes until mushrooms are soft and mix with rice. Keep adding liquid until rice is soft and creamy. Serve with parsley, parmesan and a glass of white wine!

Treat yourself with something tasty and stay healthy!

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