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EOS Shaving Cream: The Smell of Lavender

shave cream

A shaving cream, which is rich in natural oils, shea butter and antioxidant vitamins E and C. “Can a shave cream make you smile? We think so. That’s why we invented this one”, claims eos. Indeed, it makes you smile!

ACAI Anti-stress Facial Cream From Rudolph Care

Anti stress cream

To be honest, out of the products that I tried, anti-stress facial cream is my favorite product from Rudolph Care. It’s extremely nourishing and controls the oils on the face.

ACAI Body Oil From Rudolph Care

Acai body oil

ACAI Body Oil from Rudolph Care seems to have won the prize of “Luxury bodycare product of the year” with a good reason: it’s incredibly smooth and moisturizing.

ACAI Cream Soap From Rudolph Care

Cream soap

In the very beginning I was slightly bit suspicious whether one should actually buy luxurious hand soap. Yet having had a chance to try Cream Soap from Rudolph Care and using the hand cream afterwards I could see an instant result: my hands became much softer.

ACAI Hand Cream by Rudolph Care

Rudolph hand cream

Luxurious AÇAI HAND CREAM from Rudolph Care is a real treat for your hands. High-quality, smelling like soft cotton, rich and creamy yet not oily at all.

Hand Lotion EOS Cucumber

cucumber lotion

EOS hand lotion is designed to perfectly fit in your palm as well as purse: it’s small, handy and smelling really sweet though fresh, just like other EOS beauty products