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Billion Dollar Brows: Is It Really Worth a Billion?

Billion Dollar Brows

BDB: get pretty brows in a minute.

Danish Product Line Sasé: Affordable Luxury

SASELINE Beauty Products, Thailand 17-1-13

Dreaming about a home SPA? Affordable luxury from Sasé could help you get that.

BODYNORDIC Argan Oil Hair Mask

Argan oil

An inexpensive hair mask from a Danish company BODYNORDIC – how good is it?

Thermal Beauty Experience Mask From “by Dead Sea Premier”

Thermal mask by Dead Sea

If you are looking for a mask, that would make your face smoother and would cleanse your pores, Thermal Beauty Experience mask will not only do that, but will also bring your imagination to Middle East!

Eye Serum From “by Dead Sea Premier”

eye serum dead sea

Looking for an eye serum that would diminish your eye wrinkles? Eye Serum from “by Dead Sea Premier” could be a good choice.

Energising Conditioner from AEOS

energising conditioner

Since Energising Conditioner containts rosewater and rose oil, you can feel the tempting yet sweet rose smell on your skin. One thing I absolutely adored in all AEOS products I used so far is an incredibly fresh and energising smell. Even my boyfriend kept smelling me afterwards, asking what perfume did I start to use!