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Have you ever eaten at a Greek restaurant in Aarhus? No? It could be a good idea to do so, especially since the weekend is coming. If you would like to spoil yourself or someone special, you could try traditional Greek foods and environment. I promise that both of you will remember that very special evening eating snakopita, tzatziki and enjoying a shot of ouzo. 


Restaurant Athena was opened in 1995 by a Greek man Konstantin Lazaridis. It is in the heart of Aarhus: only a couple of meters away from the Domkirke, the main church in Aarhus. It has got a wide range of traditional Greek starters, main dishes and desserts. Not to forget Greek wine and traditional alcoholic drink ouzo…

 restaurant Athena

One can find a tempting offer in a restaurant which is worth taking: 199 kr for a starter and a main dish, or a main dish and a dessert. Believe me, the food is really tasty and the portions are so large so that you might want to go for a romantic walk afterwards.

 athena meal

athena vegetarian plate

Besides, Athena has probably got the tastiest potatoes in the town. Not sure if that’s a secret Greek recipe or simply something that Mister Konstantin has came up with, but oh those potatoes! They are soft yet crispy and extremely tasty.

However, if you are on a diet or simply adore healthy food, you could be disappointed on how fat Greeks eat. Tasty (yet a bit fat) dishes, refreshing salad, dimensional tastes of desserts and classy drinks – that’s what the restaurant is all about.

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