Realive Serum from AEOS

AEOS, a company providing its customers with luxurious organic skincare products is focusing on providing customers with the best they can offer – active, energised, organic skincare that helps to clean the skin as keep it as smooth and soft as possible.

realive serum

It is said that Realive Serum should be used right after the usage of Refreshing Hydrating Mist whilst the face is still damp to maximise the moisturising effects. I was guided to apply a small amount of the Serum to the palm of the hands, rub my hands together and gently pat the serum over the whole of the face and neck.

Pros: amazing frexh lavender smell and rich, yet not oily texture. Very pleasant on the face and skin absorbs it really quickly.

Cons: the price. Realive Serum costs £105 (i.e. approximately 920 DKK) which I personally believe is too much, even for a luxurious skincare product. Considering that AEOS products work best when used together, in total it turns out to be a quite large amount of money that one would spend only for daily product usage. Yet again – knowing that only a very small amount of the product is needed each time you use it, we can realize that it will last for a really long time…

As already mentioned, AEOS products work best when they are used together. After using AEOS Realive Serum it is suggested to use Enriching Moisturiser, which helps to moisturise your face. The moisturiser is extremely beneficial for a tired, damaged skin.

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