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Much could be said about the trends of this autumn. It is going to be a season of contrast, embracing both the romantic and rebellion side of us. On the one side you have the chance to embrace your femininity, and on the other the 90ties grunge and Kurt-Cobain looks are reaching sophisticated levels.

Autumn fashion


The essential pieces this season are coats and skirts. The first is no news, as the best autumn investment you can make is to get a nice coat. And this season is not an exception; therefore get an eye-catcher statement coat. Find the perfect design for you, which will fit all occasions. Some women think that jacket hides their clothing style. What we say: keep the style and spice it up with the classy coat, just like this grey jacket from H&M or a blue parka from H&M’s newest autumn collections.

H&M short, grey jacket

H&M short, grey jacket

Blue parka from H&M

Blue parka from H&M

Focus underneath on the skirt, preferably one in a knee-length. The fabrics that should get into your wardrobe are tartan, plaid, leather and silk. They can also be spiced with sequins and fur depending on your own style and preference. For this season a number of boutiques are presenting eye-catching animalistic textures, just like the zebra skirt from H&M as well as variegated Jersey skirt, also from H&M.

Animalistic skirt from H&M

Animalistic skirt from H&M

Jersey skirt

Jersey skirt from H&M

Autumn is thought to be a grey and boring season, yet the idea is to to dress up a little warmer but keep the sense of style. Make sure you get 1-2 most important, classy pieces that you could mix with other clothes that you already have.

For the autumn 2013, the most fashionable prints are squares, checks, flowers and animals. Yes, animal print is an evergreen classic that is still going strong. Play with different animalistic textures this season but don’t overdo it. One, max 2 pieces is enough.

Even though it might look a little weird to dress up in florals when weather is getting cooler every day, it seems that florals have gone dark for autumn 2013. Rich reds, blues and purples are now on the top. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, textures and various lengths of layers of clothing you pair together.

In the following weeks the AW collections from different houses will be presented to you. Stay tuned.

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