Copenhagen-Based Qua Organic Skincare Production

Qua Organic follows the philosophy “The beauty without the beast.” Company’s production is certified by Ecocert by the highest level certification ‘Organic’ and it does not consist synthetic ingredients and chemicals that sometimes give fast but in a long run harmful effects. 

Every package of Qua products have a sign of NO parabens, glycols, sulphates, silicones, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, DEA (Diethanolamine), TEA (Triethanolamine) or PEGS (polyethylene glycol). Production is not tested on animals. The commitment “Yes – to beautiful skin, No – to harmful ingredients” reflects on the company’s attitude towards the natural beauty and effort they are putting to promote organic and healthier way of treating ones skin.

I’ve tried three products by this company, beginning with double phase makeup remover (225 DKK for 150ml), then detox face mask (275,- for 100ml) and finally active moisturizing face cream (335,- for 50ml).



Firstly, double phase makeup remover cleaned my face in fast few touches without having to scrub my eyes till they get sore. The statement on the makeup remover packaging says “When my makeup comes off my smile stays on” and it did. The product contains aloe vera and macadamia oil and gently removes the makeup leftovers without irritating skin. It is necessary to shake the bottle before using the make up remover to activate double phase effect. You’d think it is just a formality what they write on juice bottles or all of the cosmetics but it is not. I’ve noticed that if not shaken the makeup remover gets little bit too oily for my skin. However, it is also better to rinse it once again with lukewarm water and it is also advised on the packaging, if you read thoroughly.


Second product that I’ve tested was the detox face mask that instantly intrigued me. The blood circulation was effected immediately and my skin got the healthy glow. The mask also includes macadamia, jojoba oils, aloe vera and shea butter. It’s consistency is light and it does not cause dry the skin after using. Overall, it was an interesting product to try and even though I’m a bigger fan of homemade face masks I enjoyed using this product.


And finally, the active moisturizing face cream enriched with vitamin E and natural oils. Honestly, I adore that cosmetics companies try not to use artificial additives and fragrances but sometimes you just need a drop of natural grapefruit oil to improve the product. The cream was everything what you would expect from a moisturizing cream, except… the smell. It did irritate me since it slightly reminded me of mushrooms, champignons to be precise. But with the sense of smell it is the same as with sense of taste, everybody has it differently. I’ve asked a few of my friends to try it and tell me whether it annoys them. Some did agree with me, some didn’t. Anyhow, the moisturizing effect was ok and the cream did comfort the skin. As the cream contains shea butter fruit oil, jojoba seed oil and glycerin, you can be sure that your face will be safe to bear the cold of winter if you put a drop on your cheeks before you leave the apartment.



  • Natural ingredients
  • Pleasant texture
  • Funny or witty comments on the packaging (maybe not an advantage but a funny feature indeed)
  • Instant effect of detox face mask



  • Slightly disappointing package design
  • Irritating smell of the facial cream


In a nutshell, I’m not used to spend a lot of money on pre-made face masks but I am left satisfied with Qua detox face mask, so I might purchase it once more. Even though I wouldn’t buy face cream, it leaves the skin soft and smooth. I don’t know which was more effective or the actual products, or the idea that products consist high amount of natural ingredients from organic farming and are healthier. I guess both had some effect. Of course, it is not enough to use natural products on your skin and it is more important to pamper your body from inside eating healthy. And the winter holiday period spent back at my mommy’s with tons of food and traveling might have reduced the effectivity of skin care products and increased my general weight, however the Qua is worth trying.

More information about the company and Qua products you can find in Qua Organic page.

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