Paris Fashion Week 2013

Black is a queen of colors. Solid, slimming, classic. Not a surprise why all fashionistas adore black – and why they advice others to dress in black. And this time, not only designers introduced magical black pieces, but the audience of Paris Fashion Week’s dressed in black, too.

In Paris Fashion Week 2013 black elegant pieces have been introduced by Dior, Ralph Lauren, Massimo Dutti and Emporio Armani. If you feel like getting black shoes, you could definitely take a look on what Massimo Dutti and Ralph Lauren are suggesting.


“Massimo Dutti”

Yet one thing to conclude after Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Рblack is the color. Black makes you fashionable and chic. And stylish. And it will always be the case, seems so.

Viktorija Gorcakovaite

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