Ecological EOS Lip Balm

The website says “eos was nominated for the award design of the year and got an extra acknowledgment at the Danish Beauty Awards 2010.” Having tried the Eos lipbalm “Honeysuckle” I caught myself thinking that a good design definitely attracts more attention and makes a product distinctive.

A company has created a product line called eos (evolution of smooth), which seems to be getting more and more attention. One of the reasons for increasing attention could be the focus on a distinctive product design. According to Peter Frødin and Ellen Hillingsø, it is “a smaller, cheaper and quite a different one of its kind – a functional as well as pleasant-to-touch-of pomade – Organic Lip Balm from eos.”


The 95% ecological and 100% natural lip balm comes in a lovely round package, which makes it easy to hold and apply on lips. A nice, rich texture keeps lips moisture for a couple of hours and helps to prevent the “dry lip” feeling. Even though the product is slightly pricey (79kr), I believe it stays for a relative long time – i.e. one will not consume it so quickly since there is a lot (I mean it!) of lipbalm in a relatively small package.

The one I tried is made out of Japanese honeysuckle flower extract. The fresh smell and interesting design definitely makes an impact. A handy, pleasant and easy-to-carry product. And it also tastes yummy!

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