Online Dating In Denmark – Vision For Love?

Valentine’s day is coming closer and closer – happy couples are planning surprises to each other and romantic dinners together as well as lovely hours that they are going to spend on 14th. But what about singles, living in Denmark? The widely advertised first and the biggest Denmark’s dating website, without a doubt, claims that “love starts here”. Is it really guaranteed and so easy to find your second half on the other side of the wire? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of such communication?

Possibility to find your second half

You have probably met a couple that has met each other online and has started their romance using dating sites. I have. Many. Being able to communicate 24/7, without a doubt, is a convenient option to communicate with each other regardless of time difference and distance. That must be a reason of why so many international women find Danish men online – and why they become love immigrants and come to Denmark. ”I have met my husband online. After we have talked for some time, I felt really curious to meet him. And it worked out…” – said an Italian lady I met the other day in a cafe. “I have never thought I would fall in love with someone even before seeing in reality, but I did!” – she smiles to me, looking happy. So what is the secret of finding your love online? And is it possible to find someone when you are already in Denmark?

Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage of an online dating is an option to communicate whenever you want. You are in charge of writing pace as well as the fluency of your answers and, unlike in reality, you can think over of what do you actually want to write – and it is relatively easy to create an intrigue. However, due to the fact that both parties can take as much time as they want to answer, the “ideal person” illusion appears, and, after having met in reality, the whole communication with a certain person online might seem like a waste of time. However, as soon as you realize that the person with whom you are in contact does not interest you, you have an option to quit chatting without having to waste time together. “I was a busy woman, who used to have a tight working schedule. So I signed for some dating websites and many of my dates were a complete disaster, – claims Maura,- but internet gives an option to analyze other person deeper than in reality, you only have to take some time.

Women seek for the prince on a white horse

Due to a change in family status (when a woman is no longer a housewife, but contribute to the family budget) has changed the requirements for men. Earlier, one of the most important things that a woman would be interested in a man was his wealth whereas nowadays women are looking for specific character traits as well as the desire to look after children (especially if her salary is bigger than his). “I think, online dating can actually bring luck to everyone. It’s like a book where people are registered and you only have to pick the ones you like according to their appearance, hobbies and character traits they listed, whereas “seeing” everyone so quickly in reality is impossible”. – a search for an adventure

After having done a research on, unfortunately, I came up with the conclusion that majority of people, registered over there, are rather searching for a fun adventure than a serious long-term relationship. Probably the ease of seeing a picture (i.e. appearance: hot or not?) as well as quick chatting (interesting or not?) makes it easier to decide and “sign” for the fun evening, whereas dating would take longer… Also, an open culture and straightforwardness makes it easier to find someone for short-term enjoyment. Certainly, it is hard to generalize all members only having talked and analyzed some of them, but internationals also claim that it is relatively hard to find someone serious since majority of members are looking casual relationships rather than future together.

Probably the best thought that I found was by sir Tom from USA, who has expressed his thoughts in “Online dating is just like offline dating – it takes an effort and you will have to figuratively kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince/princess.” However, if you believe in finding a love thought the internet and are still in search of your second have be sure that:

- you choose an unique and catchy nickname;

- be careful about the picture you choose to put online;

- don’t use boring phrases, especially in describing yourself;

- don’t give second chances for people that seem “so so”;

- go on a date only when you are sure that someone interests you enough.

Good luck!

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