France Bans Child Beauty Contests

Lolita’s stereotype has existed for years. Apparently, not only a Ukrainian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, who has also written The Master and Margarita, was inspired by Lolita’s stereotype as he wrote a book of the same name. The stereotype of a young seductive girl has existed for years, yet the writer has been able to put it in words as the name “Lolita” has entered pop culture to describe a sexually precocious, flirty and young girl. Nowadays, as direct sexual advertisement has become a norm, we do not perceive sexual appeal as negative, even though a number of people are against sexualising children. French senate seems to have taken it seriously, as today in the early morning they have adopted the law to forbid girls, who are younger than 16, to participate in beauty competitions.

@Good Morning America

@Good Morning America

Beauty competitions came to France in 1989 and since then it would become a major yearly competition across the country. Yet it looks like the French will not be getting their cersion of “Little Miss Sunshine” anytime soon, as France has just banned sexualised beauty competitions for children.

It is said that such amendment is a part of broader bill on women’s rights; where hyper-sexualisation of young girls is perceived to be inappropriate.

196 voted against such competitions, and 146 voted for. Chantal Jouanno, a French politician, argues that while the sexualisation of children is not rampant in France, it is increasingly becoming acceptable because of what she describes as the “normalisation” of pornographic images. Right before voting she shared her thought that she would not like young girls to grow up thinking that the success of their lives lies in their beauty.

The debate whether young girls should be allowed to participate in such competition took place due to children sexualisation: young girls would have to participate while being with a considerable amount of make up, self-tanning creams and erotic clothes.  The controversy began in the US, in winter 2010, when French Vogue published a photo staring a 10-year-old French girl, Thylane Loubry Blondeau, who was wearing a tight dress, heels and make up and, overall, looked like a smaller version of a sexy adult woman. Magazine argued that the photos are supposed to be artistic, yet a number of people saw it as a direct push of teenage girls into adulthood. And even though Vogue defended the pictures claiming that they portrayed a young girl fantasizing about dressing up like a mother, the images sparked outrage both across France as well as the rest of the world.


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