A New Star Has Risen In The WEEKDAY Sky

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Weekday, producing urban fashion with sporty influences, is constantly and rapidly evolving – as a concept and as a company. A bold attitude and an eagerness to try new things is largely what defined Weekday when first starting out in Stockholm and it still is today, growing to become a global company.

The latest addition to the progressive Weekday offering – 1440 – is a collection line that will further emphasize the multiband concept.

The first 1440 collection is designed by Nhu Duong, a Berlin/Stockholm-based and emerging design talent with a huge fan base throughout Scandinavia.

Take a sneak into the launch event in Berlin:

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About the designer:

Nhu Duong is no stranger to Weekday clients. When graduating from Beckmans College of Design in 2008, she was chosen to create her first collection for Weekday.

Nhu Duong

Her return, however, is something different. 1440 (pronounced 14-40) is a cooperation between Nhu Duong and the Weekday collective and the result is a well-balanced mix of sports and elegance with a distinct urban feel to it. “The collection is inspired by extreme sports and high performance clothes in an ergonomic aesthetic exploring the relationship between technology, the body and the environment. Most of the garments may seem quite minimal and classic at first, yet all the garments are multi-functional or have technical applications making them interactive and fun“, Nhu Duong says.

The colour range in the first collection goes from black to white, neon, silver and pastel accents.

The collection is targeted toward an urban clientele. And the name? A full (week)day equals 1440 minutes. And 1440 is truly a 24 hour concept – for multi styling and usage.

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