MUUSE Opened a Pop-Up Store In Aarhus, Magasin

Their online-based platform is featuring garnets by designers from top fashion schools. Their style is chic and modern, though not too simplistic. Attention to a Copenhagen-based startup is skyrocketing: supporting young designers and giving them a kickstarting carreer as well as offering unique designer-made pieces MUUSE has received a global recognition. “For fashion lovers, MUUSE is the paradise of online scouting” – claimed


MUUSE was founded in 2011 by Gitte Jonsdatter and David Dencker as a platform to support the launching of emerging fashion designers and to bring their work to people who love design (like us!). Not only MUUSE is revolutionary from the promotional point of view, but it also aims to change the way fashion is produced and sold. In a very coordinated and smart process, MUUSE invests in the development of the TOP 100 emerging designers by giving them the tools and means they need to produce a collection.

Muuse clothes

Pleasant surprises you will find in MUUSE Pop-Up Store in Magasin, Århus:

  • Chance to win the MUUSE Edition dress by Anja Stuebling;
  • Opportunity to get styled by Magasin’s Personal Shopper from 6th March til 13th March 16.00 – 18.00 on the 2nd floor in the Magasin;
  • Ability to get a discount if you Instagram your first MUUSE purchase!  Tag #muuse #magasin @muusefashionmuuse discounts

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