Movie: Seven Psychopaths

Seven psychopaths

How far are you willing to go for your friendship?

Would you help out a friend writing a crime novel to get some inspiration? Even if it requires shooting someone in the stomach? In the head? No?..

Yeah, I thought so. I knew you’re not such a good friend after all.

Well Billy (Sam Rockwell) takes the friendship to a whole new level. He is determined to help his best friend Marty write a good screenplay for his movie called “Seven psychopaths” by any means necessary. Even if it requires putting an ad in the newspaper seeking advice from true psychopaths or blowing someone’s brains out. Call that bromance if you will…

Marty, which is impersonated by Colin Farrell is far from his glorious “Alexander” (2004) which you may have seen on the big screens nearly a decade ago. Now he is one cliché of a writer, who has alcohol problems, is dumped by his girlfriend and is scared of guns like a little girl.

As if the characters weren’t crazy enough, the whole story line is based on a kidnapping of a dog. It’s a cute dog, what can I say. But more importantly, it belongs to a psychotic gangster who will stop at nothing to get his dog back. Of course, Marty’s crazy BFF plays the main role in “the crime of the century” and poor Marty just can’t catch a break as he gets involved in the more than absurd situation. Naturally, he gets enough inspiration for his screenplay but I’ll let it stay a secret if he lives to tell the tale.

I am not sure if this movie is targeted towards gangster movie lovers or haters. It has all the necessary attributes of a good gangster movie: good guy, evil villain, final shoot-out at a canyon… Though you can’t shake a feeling that you are taking a stroll in the kingdom of crooked mirrors as all the stereotypes are twisted and turned around: pacifist heroes, psychos carrying rabbits around, jammed guns and unarmed hostage exchange.

You wouldn’t pick this movie for girls night-in but if you’re in a need for a sarcastic perspective on life or feel like listening to witty dialogues of undoubtedly brilliant actors, you can give this one-hell-of-a-black-comedy a try.



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