Monday’s Must-Have: Two-Tone Pencil Skirt

Monday! What a day. When someone says “Monday” (any time of the week), I simply start imagining a busy town full of elegant, yet busy women, who keep watching at their wristwatches to see whether they are not late. That is a beauty of Mondays, I believe. And, when someone says “Monday” I would depict a lovely businesswoman, dressed in a chic, business-like outfit. A self-confident woman who knows how to use her looks to prove that she knows exactly what she’s worth. Therefore, the Must-Have of this Monday is a tight two-tone pencil skirt, which is very classy and chic. Yet, if you happen to have a longer day, it could be easily be adapted to an evening outfit, if you match it with a funky shirt. Have a productive Monday ladies!

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Zigzag texture two-tone pencil skirt from Mango

Zigzag texture two-tone pencil skirt from Mango

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