Monday’s Must-Have: Stylish Yet Simple Shirt

Mondays are exciting. A little stressful, a little bugging. A little tiring, yet it’s like a day for a new destination, new thoughts and new goals. It’s the beginning of a new week and it is totally up to you how will you end it. It is totally up to you what will you do, what will you achieve and how will you represent yourself as an individual, professional and woman. 

Today’s Must-Have is a simple white shirt with decorated shoulders from Mango. If you have ever learnt Russian you might know the phrase “izjom” (a raisin), which might be used describing a girl or an outfit; it means something more than usual, i.e. something more than one could expect. Something more than one could think of. Something a little more exciting. A little better. Therefore, be a girl “with the raisin” and express your personality with small, tiny, edgy details. Find your “raisin”.

shirt with decorated shoulders by MANGO

Shirt with decorated shoulders by MANGO

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