Mom, Buy Me Something Fashionable!

The other day I read an article, written by a Lithuanian, living in France, who was contemplating why and how young children get interested in high-end fashion. According to journalist Vita Vilimaite Lefebvre Delattre, customers of fashionable boutiques often cannot even reach the handle of the shop to open.

Let the children be children

Even though I do not have children yet, but I like observing young mothers and the way they dress up their children. One could observe that a number of women dress their children in a childish way – bees, flowers, cars, barbies or applications from movies, such as Spiderman and similar. When talking to some relatives of mine, who have already got children, I realized that they would not care much about how their children are dressed up. “Even if I buy something a little more expensive, it would be sad to realize that after a couple of months the garnet will most likely be too small. When children are growing up, I do not see the need of dressing them up in a fashionable way, which usually costs quite a bit. And I believe children must be children and not little copies of adults”, explained an aunt of mine. Even though I would probably agree with her thought that purchasing fashionable clothes for children is more expensive, one thing is obvious – children dressed up in simple textile clothes with bees and other insecs might look childish, but not stylish at all. Yet one thing becomes obvious – it’s parents who make the final decision on how they children are going to be dressed like. And it’s parents who push their children into the world of fashion.

A child – a copy of a parent

Looking from a psychological perspective, children always think that their parents are right and perfect (at least until a certain age). Daughters typically follow their mothers and sons usually try to be as similar as possible to their fashion, also copying their gestures, behaviour and looks. The only relatively weird thing is, when children become smaller copies of their parents… And that is due to parents’ opinion that children should look as good as possible, consequently taking away their only time – childhood – from them. Well, a parent, who decided to dress up a child in Chanel, would probably prohibit a game in a sandbox? ”I don’t think that children should be smaller versions of a mother or father. It definitely looks cute when you can see a grown-up woman, dressed up in a stylish red dress and her daughter in a similar cute little red dress, but that’s about it. I believe that our children are unique individuals who should definitely learn to express themselves. I think that parents should teach the sense of style but they should consult their children as soon as they are capable of expressing their needs and wants. Only parents’ word should be the last”, my aunt agreed with me.

Mademoiselle at the age of 5

According to journalist Vita Vilimaite Lefebvre Delattre, French women start teaching their children style as soon as they are born. She thinks and agrees that French women believe that style has to be taught starting from childhood and a good sense of style is to be taught by parents starting from an early age.

It is thought that if a child is being told that clothes are expensive and stylish, a child will learn to take care of a garment and will be a little more careful when wearing it. And it seems that high-end fashion houses have figured it out, therefore even fashion magazines, such as “Vogue” or “Elle” started publishing magazine additions with new fashion trends. I bet it that big money are also lying in such industry, even though there’s a big debate between parents, psychologists and fashion companies whether children fashion is actually needed and whether children can understand the psychology and value behind it. As the Frensh say, “l’habit ne fait pas le moine” – the first impression might be wrong, but it always is important – but does it also apply for children?

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