Inspiration From Le Neu Black: Modern Minimalism

Denmark is country where sport and active lifestyle have always been popular. In Denmark, people of all ages ride bikes, snack raw carrots and go to gym. Active lifestyle is even reflected in their outfit, which usually has some sporty details. Danes like minimalism and simplicity, and a Danish company Le Neu Black seems to have figured it out.

Max Jenny

Inspired by minimalism and the constrast between the masculinity and femininity, Le Neu Black presents comfortable, easy-to-wear pieces. Le Neu Black, a Danish fashion company, is said to be one where fashionistas can purchase the newest edgy pieces from designers who dare to stand out from the crowd. An online shop, based in Copenhagen, presents high quality designer pieces, where a part of them are sustainable and created as a response to excessive consumption.

It is not a secret that Scandinavian countries, though beautiful, are not the warmest in Europe. Danish changeable weather still surprises me (and, I bet, majority of internationals). Rain, sun and storms in Denmark seem to be changing each other relatively quickly, and it is a good idea to have a warm jacket or at least a long sleeve shirt with you all the time.

Even though Danes adore sporty looks and minimalism, Danish women still manage to look sophisticated and feminine, which is usually achieved purchasing simple, in many cases – black pieces and mixing them with edgy clothing. Not only women, but also men care a lot about their looks and if not everyone, then nearly everyone is trying to work on their own, creative looks. Therefore, if you are courageous enough and want to reflect your wild, thirsty for challenges personality, why don’t you choose something colourful and match it with a simple top?

Today’s inspiration: comfortable clothing style with minor sporty details and edgy pants from Le Neu Black. Garnets are from the new SS collection from a Swedish label MaxJenny, which distinguishes herself through the innovative way of using colors, patterns, and shapes with a passion of finding new and different materials and production ways.

Pants by Max Jenny

Max Jenny Pants


Picture courtesy of Patrick Pancalla

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