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As Will Smith, Pittbull and other artists say Miami is the place to be if you want to party and relax on nice beaches all day long. It is a place for the rich and the beautiful, a place to spot people and try to be spotted. The city attracts a large number of musicians, singers, actors, dancers, and orchestral players living the American dream, hoping to make it someday. Not a secret that they would usually have a waitressing or bar job until the big dream actually happens. Miami is a perfect place to spend your weekend get away from the busy daily life, where you always end up staying a little longer.



Miami is located on the Atlantic coast in Southeastern Florida. It is the 42nd largest city of the United States with a population of a but less than half a million.

An interesting fact about Miami as that the majority of people living there do not have English as their native language. In fact 66.75% of residents have Spanish as their first language. With 1/3 being Cuban and a variety of other nationalities represented Miami is regarded as more of a multicultural mosaic with residents still maintaining much of, or some of their cultural trait. For a little Cuban flavor little Havana is the place to go and they have some amazing Cuban clubs where they do the dirty dancing as Havana nights… A bit of spice for a touristic eye for sure.

The overall culture of Miami is The Miami culture which can be described as dynamic with a serious Latin influence. Cubans, Haitians and Puertorican immigrants make up half of the population in combination with Blacks, mainly from the Caribbean islands.

Best area to stay would be South Beach Miami, it is right next to the beach and right next to a lot of nightlife, cafes and restaurants. Probably the best spot for a clubbing-hungry person. So what do the rich and famous say about the south beach? In south beach Miami the base and the sunsets low. It is one big party in the city where the heat is on all night, and you find yourself on the beach till the break of dawn. There are clubs all over South beach, and they are always pumping. The clubs have different “big nights” but all of them are located in roughly the same area, and it is easy to find which ones are the it clubs of the night.



While walking at night with all the crazy kids out for a good time, you will find a lot of dog walkers and joggers because this is actually the only time of the day when the temperature is at a level you want to be moving around in.

As for a break between beaching and clubbing, the harbor is a nice little detour, viewing the millionaire yachts (see the first picture!). Now that is a good daydreaming activity. Visiting this city it looks like no work all play all day. The people living in South Beach are full on, boob jobs and six packs everywhere, girls wearing high heels in the sand. This is the place to be seen, and most city tours in Miami focuses on going by the rich and the famous’ houses which only enhances the believe that in Miami you play hard.

Best time to visit: depending if you are just here to party, relax or what your motives might be. The weather is warm most the time of the year, and quite hot in the summer. You might be interested in visiting Calle Ocho Festival which is taking place in March or a traditional Latin street festival. Calle Ocho becomes the scene of Carnival as over a million spectators gather to celebrate in the city’s largest annual party.

Miami is also a major fashion center, home to models and some of the top modeling agencies in the world. Miami is also host to many fashion shows and events, including the annual Miami Fashion Week, and the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami held in the Wynwood Art District.

However, when partying gets too much for the tired soul, Key West is a beautiful breath hole on Florida coastline, so why not take the footsteps of Hemingway and take a few days here. It is a gorgeous little island located 140 km from Cuba and the dock of lots of illegal immigrants.

The water is the clearest blue water and the coral reef off Key West is part of the only living barrier reef in North America , and one of the biggest things to do in Key West. Snorkeling, scuba diving, Eco tours, sail charters aboard tall ships and catamarans, or just end a perfect day in Paradise aboard a sailing cruise to watch a famous Key West sunsets while dancing to island music.

Another place of South Florida you want to visit while around Miami is the Everglades National for alligator hunting on swamp-boats. The Everglades are a natural region of subtropical wetlands in the Southern Florida. The Everglades are shaped by water and fire, experiencing frequent flooding in the wet season and drought in the dry season.

Picture made by Anne Kølner

Picture made by Anne Kølner

The adventures you can have in the 1.5 million acre park aren’t few. Imagine photographing birds at sunrise, hiking and observing alligators sunbathe under the sunny south Florida skies in the afternoon. Ever wanted to be on an Air boat? Like the one Horatio is on in CSI Miami? This is the place to go. Jump on a guided tour with a guide helping you spot the wildlife, you might see baby alligators and hear a lot about the area. Bear in mind though that the captains here are all American with an all American humor, so be prepared to laugh at not-so-funny-jokes during the tour. Does that sound like fun to your ears? Then Miami is the place to be.

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