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The Difference Of “Loving” & “Being In Love”

Have you ever caught yourself thinking – and wondering whether there is a difference between being in love with someone and loving someone? Love evolves, similar to what researchers have found when reviewing long term relationships and how feelings change throughout the lifetime of a relationship. Let’s analyze it.

What Turns Your Man On?

Quality lingerie, lace stockings and sweet feminine perfume will turn him on towards having an intimate relationship with you. If you really want to turn on a guy, you need to become fanciable by him. The more he is interested in you – the more he desires you.

Valentine’s Day Means Something Different To Men Than It Does To Women


Some men want material objects for Valentine’s Day, but the majority of them would rather have time with you then something you bought.

Online Dating In Denmark – Vision For Love?

Valentine’s day is coming closer and closer – happy couples are planning surprises to each other and romantic dinners together as well as lovely hours that they are going to spend on 14th. But what about singles, living in Denmark?

10 Things Men Wish Women Would Know


It is no longer a surprise that men think differently than women. Most of these differences are known but others remain a mystery. Let us hear some opinions from men of what they wish their partners would know.

Feng Shui Practices For Fulfilling Sexual Life

Bedroom according to Feng Shui

Why do we sometimes feel let down and bored, especially when it comes to our intimate life with the partner? Could the reason be that we don’t actually know how to improve it? Having discovered an interesting Feng Shui intimate life practice, it has become obvious what a few things could be improved. According to [...]