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The Bright Side Of Long Distance Relationships

If given the choice, no one would want to be in a long distance relationship. But life is often not as ideal, and circumstances do force lovers to stay apart. The secret to make it work is to make the most of it.

Guilt-Free Summer Romance

Ohhh, summer. Hair gets lighter, skin gets darker. Weather gets warmer. Nights get longer…

“I Chose To Be Alone: No Boyfriend & No Husband, Just Me!”

A number of women nowadays choose to be alone. Choices are led by a number of reasons, but how is this phenomena changing our society? What are your thoughts on the topic – can a woman be happy when being single – and can a woman be single all her lifetime?

Love At First Sight

An immense emotional, psychical and physical attraction, praised by ancient writers and poets, has been a mystery for many generations in a row. All in all, what is love – an incomprehensible power or a romantic, heavenly feeling that can last for eons of time?

4 Benefits Of Being Single

Prepare to discover the true benefits of being single and why you should start embracing this independence.

Why Do Strong Women Usually Stay Alone?

Whereas some women manage to find partners relatively easy, other women struggle a lot. And for some reason, majority of those women are hard-working, beautiful and strong creatures… What’s the problem, girls?