Love Letters Only.

Even though she has never enjoyed writing, she has always valued good, romantic books and poetry. She would spend hours and hours thinking what the poet had meant with a certain line or the whole paragraph and – only she knows – how long would she be thinking about a certain line after she’s finished reading! She was even capable to quote some lines of her favorite poems. “Those pretty wrongs that liberty commits, When I am sometime absent from thy heart…”  she would catch herself mumbling Shakespeare’s sonnets from time to time.

Yet most of all, she enjoyed when someone wrote her. Once she got a long and emotional letter from a childhood friend, which she kept reading over and over again, as if she tried to memorize every single word. She could sense her friends emotions, and that is what she liked in hand-written letters most.

Since he, the only one she loved, has had a thought of writing a love letter for her for a long time, he decided to do so once. He has certainly spend an uncountable amount of hours looking for the material to write on, since a blank paper seemed too dull and simple. he spent hours in order to find the right style and suitable words. Not because she was picky, simply because she was so special that he wanted to show it with every single thing, every single move and action he took. He decided to write on a slightly bit aged, a little glossy paper with an ink-jet pen.

He didn’t know how to start. Somehow “My dear” sounded too shallow and “Honey” sounded too sweet. Somehow “My lovely” sounded too straightforward and “Baby” - too cheap…

Yet he decided to write that from now on, she should only expect love letters in her mailbox. And back then, the only phrase he wrote smilingly was “I can’t get enough of you. Ever.”

Viktorija Gorcakovaite

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