Love At First Sight

An immense emotional, psychical and physical attraction, praised by ancient writers and poets, has been a mystery for many generations in a row. All in all, what is love – an incomprehensible power or a romantic, heavenly feeling that can last for eons of time?

“Love at first sight” is an expression that poets would decribe a sudden romantic attraction for a stranger. In an ancient Greece, love at the first sight was called theia mania, i.e. “madness from the gods”. It was described as an attraction caused by Eros or Cupid. Therefore, the one who suddenly feels in love would be described as the one “who was hit by an arrow”. If the arrow would reach the person, they would then have a “piece” of an arrow in their hearts, overwhelming them with the longing and desire, which back then was called “the sickness of love”. In Ovid’s Metamorphoses Narcissus, an extraordinary handsome man would become madly in love in himself after seeing his looks in a lake.

Another classical example, when talking about the love at the first sight could be heroines of Plato’s Symposium’s, Aristophane’s description that the ancient world back then contained of double creatures, which have now became men and women, and therefore we are missing our second half. “When [a lover] is fortunate enough to meet his other half, they are both so intoxicated with affection, with friendship and with love, that they cannot bear to let each other out of sight for a couple instant”.

It is believed that our evolutionary past wired our brains so that we know shockingly quickly whether we might want to be with the person we are seeing (for the first time!) or not. Yet one question could be asked  - what is it, what we are trying to figure out with such a short time? Scholars speak of the concept of a “lovemap”, a list of traits we want in a partner. If your ex partner, for example, was short and chubby and afterwards you have realized the person you are looking for must be tall and slim, it means you are working on your “lovemap”. Yet such thoughts of mind are said to be more influenced by your revolutionary ancestors rather than your own decisions.

The other day I brought the discussion to two friends of mine – Alexandra and Roberto whom I asked about the love at first sight. ”I do not believe in love at first sight, I believe that it is just attraction in the beginning.”, says Alexandra from Romania. “For me it at least 2 months to discover the person… I know i am in love when I am impatient for a sign from him. “, says she. “And for me, even though I am a guy, I would like to believe in love at first sight. Imagine: you meet her and you understand that she’s your everything even though you don’t even know her name!”, says Roberto from Italy.

In science it’s been said that “love at first sight” is an instant physical attractiveness”. This particular saying could was followed upon in a German dating portal. According to the German dating portal “”, which has organized a research about the love at first sight, singles understand whether they will fall in love with another person in the first minute when seeing another person. Only 16% of singles claimed that they would need about 2-3 dates to realize that they could fall in love with this certain person. A little less than 5% of respondents claimed that they would take a little longer than two weeks to realize that. And how long would it take you to fall in love?

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