Lilith Moon: “I Want to Share My Experience!”

Lilith Moon, also known as a hair guru on YouTube, decided to share some of her experience with Fameiva and its readers. Inspiring yet simple her story begins with her home town Kiev in Ukraine. She did her studies in Poland and Italy and currently she lives in Paris, France. She claims she fell in love with the majestic capital of France… But well, who wouldn’t?


As one of the most notorious YouTube hair gurus it was natural to ask. How did it all start? 

“When I have first discovered the entire YouTube beauty community, there were hardly any hair tutorials, only makeup and vlogs. I noticed that those very few hair styling videos were very well received by viewers and instantly felt like I could make my own contribution and share hair styling techniques that I learned modeling for hair shows in Milan and Paris. When I was a teenager, hair styling secrets were those best kept ones, and even though I dreamed about beautiful braids and updo’s, I had no clue how to do them. I imagined how happy I’d be back then if someone would teach me their beauty tricks and felt that it was my call to share mine.”

As a part-time model for hair shows she has an unique opportunity to learn many beauty tricks from the top international stylists and share them with her viewers. She started modeling in Milan, and currently does that in Paris and, since she has been participating in a number of workshops and shows where hairstylists try various hair techniques on her, she enjoys the opportunity to learn. Learning new hair trends from the first hands is a great boost for her own creativity and brings a lot of inspiration to all her work, encouraging her to move on and strive on her own.

Quality is the word of the day when it comes to Lilith Moon and she does not do thing half way- quality content – easy to follow videos which are straight to the point. She pays a lot of attention to every detail and spend a lot of time editing each single video.

Lilith braids

“It is extremely rewarding to know that my videos are so well received. I always stay attentive to my viewers’ requests and suggestions that help me to keep on improving my videos”, shares Lilith.

Is it hard to execute certain braids on yourself as a pro? Have you ever given up on a braid because it was just too difficult? 

“Funny enough, usually it works other way around. I take a look at a hairstyle and think it’s impossible to do something that complex on your own hair, but then so many people keep on requesting a tutorial on this look, that finally I give it a go and find out that with a little bit of practice and patience it’s actually doable! I still choose to focus on not-too-challenging looks so that the majority of my viewers could recreate them as well in a reasonable amount of time.”

As words of advice to all girls/boys having the aspiration to open a YouTube channel and be successful  Lilith Moon gives some good pointers:

“It’s important to do something you’re good at (not just something you want to do…personally, I’d love to be a singer (but I doubt I’d have many followers if I had chosen that instead of hair tutorials) and share it with the world in your own way. Then, just listen to your viewers and they’ll tell you all you need to know “.

Lilith Moon is a great inspiration for many young women. Having more than 200,000 fans she is not planning to stop at this point and enjoy the fruits of her work and success: she wants more!.. Having experience and knowledge from the beauty industry, she is dreaming and planning to produce hair products and make her own brand. “It would be great to create my own brand and offer high-quality products. In my dreams I’d like to create a product that would magically thicken naturally thin hair like my own! Or a selection of beautiful toners to revive your hair color at home – there is a very poor choice of toners on the market and that’s a pity since I’m sure many girls would like to change the shade of their hair every once in a while, or just keep it as vibrant as it was right after colorization. But for the time being I have so many hair styling ideas that I’d like to share with the world that in the nearest future I plan to stick to making videos, so fans keep waiting a bit because videos  will come and come for a long time.”

 To her Fans: “I would like to thank my followers for all their support – you guys became a huge part of my life, a part that I truly love and am very passionate about! You are my greatest inspiration and your feedback is what helped my channel grow into what it is now.”

See her Latest video here and if you too like what you see subscribe and who knows, maybe this will give you ideas to pursue a dream?

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